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Roloxin Lift Review > Instant Skin Smoothing Masque (Technology /Tips/ Application)

Published by Jasmine Seo

I do embrace super technology and the science behind skin care products (as long as they actually work). As a technology-packed skin care junkie, I couldn't possibly not try out Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masques as the product seem to be packaged very well and I was interested in the claims they make. So here I am to discuss!

Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque
Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque

Oh, by the way, the sample sachets that you get from department stores aren't even in the full amount of what you get in a real sachet that you buy!
Yep, you get 2g in a sample size whereas you get 3g in a real sachet. Well, it was actually quite funny to me as it doesn't even come in a tube or jar, then why not just give away one full sachet if the packaged form is about the same?! O_O.

Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque

Scent & Texture

It almost feels like applying liquidified plaster, I probably feel this way because it doesn't have a typical scent to it. The smell is neither good nor bad, which is in fact good for sensitive skin types. And you also apply near the crows feet area, meaning it's best not to have any scent that could potentially make your eyes watery. My skin didn't get any sensitivity regarding this, Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque just scored one out of five stars from me :).

Texture-wise, from the packet, it feels a bit thick. However, once you activate it, it turns into more a emulsion-like texture. As you need to apply it on damp skin, so the texture becomes more runny.

Full Ingredients

Aqua/Water, Silica, Propylene Glycol, Silica Silylate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Powder, Glycosaminoglycans, Chitosan Glycolate, Sclerotium Gum, Sorbic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Hydroxide, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate

Application & Tips

I really like how easy it is to apply. First of all, to activate the mask, you basically need to massage the packet using warmth from your hands. Then, just apply onto damp skin right after cleansing your face. I understand that putting an emulsion-like mask on wet skin can be a bit tricky because of its consistency.

However, if you can, try do your best spreading the mask as evenly as you can since I've noticed that how you apply seems quite important with Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque :). And when you do so, apply with rolling motions with your finger tips as if you give a gentle massage. From my personal experience, it seems to help the mask fill in the pores and fine lines much better, which you will see when the mask is fully dried. And never forget to apply it along the jawline and under the chin as well :).

Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque


You do start to feel tightening and lifting as the mask starts to dry. Once it's fully done, it actually doesn't feel that heavy on the skin as it's just a very thin layer. It is certainly expected as the mask had a runny texture when it was applied initially. However, you will still see fine cracks as you would do with most traditional mud masks on the market. The only differences are that Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque dries very powdery, and it's very easy to take off with warm water. I would give one star for its convenience, ie. Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque gained 2 out of five stars by far :).


  • Shortly After rinse-off (9:30 P.M.)

Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque

Once you take the mask off, it's very natural to feel a fine veil sitting on top of the skin. It's a similar feeling to when you put on an oil-control mattifying serum or moisturiser. It's true that my skin felt more tight and looked brighter and more glowing. I also noticed that any lifting/firming products that I apply next seem to work more effectively on skin. My skin indeed felt very lifted when layering my skin care over Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque.

  • After a few hours

Sadly though, the tightening sensation has gone, but my skin still looks glowing! :) Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque just gained another star from me :). Bed time, Night Night <3

  • 12 hours later

Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque

Actually, Dermarché Labs mentioned that using a cleanser right after using the mask can reduce the effectiveness of the product on their FAQ's. So I figured, it actually makes sense as it's mostly composed of silicon. And I want the effect to last long, so I washed my face only with warm water, then put on the exact same skin care products on my face.

And the result? Well, where did all those firming and tightening sensations that I was getting last night go after my skin care routine? :/ My skin looks and feels great, but I'm not quite convinced that it's from Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque. And I'm not seeing that much of an improvement around my eyes anyways... Well, I shall give it half a star here as my skin felt good upon waking up at least. So far, the mask has three and half stars out of five.

  • 24 hours later (with no make-up)

Technology & Verdict

Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque is certainly an interesting treatment to keep in my vanity. Definitely my favourite part about it is how it makes my skin look very glowy. I simply enjoyed all those sensations that I was getting and my skin was feeling whether it lasted for 12 hours or not.

As I mentioned above, the mask itself is mostly silica (silicon + oxygen), which is important for collagen as it is largely composed of silica. And we all hear lots about collagen when we talk about anti-aging skin care. Silica is the one that is required to rebuild damaged collagen. Silica has lots of great benefits for our body, skin and hair including detoxification.

Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque

Anyways, although the company hasn't said anything about whether they use silica nanopowder for Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque. If they do, then it can improve delivery of topical treatments into our skin [1] [2]. This might explain why I experienced a better outcome with my firming products after using the mask as they are packed with active ingredients. However, it could just be their brilliant technology without being nanopowder: Dermarché Labs states that it's not a layer sitting on top of skin, but more like latticework, so it lets the goodies that we put on next go through. However, if they actually use silica nanopowder, then there could be a risk of it getting into the blood stream where it all starts, which is still in debate regarding nanotechnology, but it is certainly the worst scenario.

The company doesn't give further information whether Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque actually just sits on top of skin like latticework or penetrates into skin and just stay there without getting into the blood stream. It's a shame that there isn't more information about their technology other than a bunch of generic photos that we see a lot on the market. Personally I think that it's the key to decide whether we will get an actual long-term silica benefits or not.

Regardless, Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque isn't a miracle worker that will reverse skin aging, but you might be able to age beautifully with regular usage. Meaning, it's more for prevention. Or if you need that oomph to your skin for special occasions, the mask will work as it gives you that nice healthy glow with awake look.

Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque

Trust me, it isn't very cheap for how much you get. If there's a line on your face that bothers you very much that causes lots of money pouring onto skin care products, then you might be better off considering botox from your dermatologist without overdoing it. If you really need some serious rejuvenated look, then save that money for a year or two, see your dermatologist and get Ultherapy or other laser treatments. Your skin will look at least a few years younger. If you want the ultimate lifting, a face lift or a feather lift might be the answer. We should always remember the bottom line of skin care products on the market no matter how much we spend and try to be realistic :).

Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque scored 3.5 out of 5 stars from me.

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