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Rydges Hotel at Sydney International Airport

Published by Jasmine Seo

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My man and I stayed at the Rydges in a Queen bed double bedroom when my mother visited us.
Actually, we stayed there the last three times we went to Sydney. 
The hotel is located at the Sydney International airport (1-2min walk).
Indeed, the location is perfect. Very convenient!
And price-wise, it is surprisingly very reasonable.

It is all right for a one night stay, but I would not want to stay there for holidays.
My man did not have any problems with sleeping, but my mother and I had :/.
In fact, I had a problem sleeping the entire time we were there! :(
It is just that the bedding was not as soft/comfortable as other hotels that I have stayed at.
So I had a headache and neck pain from hard bedding and lack of sleep.
On the top of that, I am very sensitive to noise... and even worse, the heater was very noisy! :/
I cannot sleep with noise :/.  This was another reason I couldn't sleep well.

Also, if you are planning to stay at Rydges, make sure you carry your own slippers and robe.
We have stayed there three times, and there were none. 
Their organic bath products were surprisingly good though. 
I loved them, so I took the rest with me when we checked out :P.

Food-wise, they seem to be fairly average... I found it quite greasy, whilst my man does not mind greasy or salty food. We ordered room service, and it was almost soaked in oil... 
OMG Tissue! Tissue!
And the menu is quite limited, so be aware.

Okay... now moving on to breakfast!
I do not have a pictures with me here, but breakfast buffet was average...
If you are a great cook, you might find your home breakfast much more nutritious and delicious. 
My man enjoys any food if there is lots of it so he was happy :)

So would we go back again?
90% Yes. It is just an absolutely perfect location and at a very reasonable price.
And think about how much less stress that you will get for your flight?
You do not need to rush..
You will be on time for check-in...etc.

Even though the quality is pretty average, I believe that you basically get what you pay for.
So I should say our stay at Rydges was pretty good considering all these factors :).

I hope you found this post helpful! 
Have a nice trip! ;)

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