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Spay surgery for Yuna and Breakfast at Lola in Belltown

Published by Jasmine Seo

We dropped our baby Yuna off at Greenlake Animal Hospital for her spay/desex surgery and then headed to Lola's for breakfast!

Woo.. This fresh orange juice though.. >_< <3

It did its job by perfectly waking me up! Vitamin C boost <3

This is what my man got, Lola Breakfast with pork maple sausage :).

The handmade sausage though, wasn't the best sausage that I've tried, but was decent enough. Definitely it was different to other restaurants!

I got Merguez Sausage Scramble. I did enjoy every bit in the dish indeed! The crunchness of the potatoes, soft and sour toasts, lamb sausage scrambled eggs!! Yum! >_<

And I must say, the lady who served us was very pleasant and kind! She was probably one of the best waitress that we've encountered in the world! XD She didn't make us feel pressured, just simply pleasant yet very helpful :).

Will we go back again? Oh yes, for sure! :D

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