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STRIPES to die for... Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer Collection 2013

Published by Jasmine Seo

Featured image: Claude Monet  < A Woman with Parasol >

I love Spring and Summer!    
I love Marc Jacobs!

He is one of the ingenious designers that I like! He makes very adorable and cheerful designs indeed,  and his S/S collection 2013collection was no exception.
I bet Marc Jacobs got Lily bankrupt this season again! >_<  

How I Met Your Mother

I consider myself as one of those who admires stripes  but also has a tendency to avoid stripes :P.
Yes, now you might be thinking...... Uhhh.. HMMMM?!

Exactly! That is the reaction that I was expecting! :P  If not, yes, you have indeed disappointed me ;)

Anyways, going back to 'WHY' discussion,  I do love stripes, but I do not wear them often.  Maybe a few times a year, or not even at all.
The reasons, being  A. I have been always felt that the stripes on the current market are just too plain.  B. So it makes you look like one of the clones on the street (no offence:P).  C. Quite often, stripes can make you look fat or too over the top  if you do not style properly.
These all come down to one formula (at least to myself);

_But guess what!_This ingenious designer Marc Jacobs has brought stripes to a whole different level!

Stripes are not dead plain and traditional anymore!   At least in Marc Jacobs' collection,  these stripes seem to be more fun, alive and mysterious. So chic! It feels like there is something more behind the stripes?  Or is it only me who is thinking like that?!:P

Anyhow, I got highly inspired by his collection,  and I styled myself with my old Tommy Hilfiger stripe patterned shirt from my wardrobe. Tommy Hilfiger still makes great classic stripes for semi-casual styling!

That's right, 
_Welcome Back to My Fashion Life, My Old Friend! _
How about yourself?
Why don't you check your wardrobe  and see if you have any stripes that you have been ignoring?:P
This season is the time for them to come out and take your fashion to the next level! :D

P.S. Apologies for not posting any last a few weeks :(.  Trust me, I have prepared for this post a while ago, but Feeling unwell + Assignments + Stress = Prolonged Sickness, so I could not do any blog activities. Hope you understand. I cannot wait for my holidays! >_<

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