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Blizzcon 2015

Published by Daniel

For those who missed out on Blizzcon 2015, here is what was announced!


Movie trailer

The movie is being released in June 2016 and the trailer was premiered:

Legion expansion

The expansion is being released by September 2016 and the trailer was premiered:


3 new heroes were announced; D.Va the retired Starcraft 2 pro, Mei the former Climatologist and Genji the ninja (Hanzo's brother). The new map Hollywood was also announced.

Overwatch is launching in Spring 2016 at $40 (USD) for the base version, $60 for the origins (extra skins) and $130 for the collector's which includes a statue of Soldier: 76.

Heroes of the Storm

3 new heroes coming; Greymane the worgen, Lunara the Dryad and Cho'gall the Ogre. Cho'gall is special new type of hero since 2 players control him, also he is not purchased but spread virally from Blizzcon attendees.


A new adventure "The League of Explorers" is coming November 12th for $20 or 700g/$7 per wing.

Diablo III

The 2.4 patch "Blood & Treasure" is coming soon with a bunch of improvements and new stuff.

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