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Summary > Blizzcon 2018
Blizzcon 2018 just concluded, here is a roundup of the major announcements. Overwatch A new hero Ashe is coming to Overwatch. Hearthstone: Rastakhan's Rumble There's a new expansion for...
Summary > Blizzcon 2016
It's that time again! Blizzcon just finished, here are the highlights from this year! Overwatch The new stealthy assassin Sombra will be added to Overwatch soon. Overwatch League Blizzard is trying...
My Terrible Experience with Blizzard Entertainment's Customer Support
I didn't play World of Warcraft until I met my man and he taught me how to play. In fact, one of the reasons I fell in love with my man...
Blizzcon 2015
For those who missed out on Blizzcon 2015, here is what was announced! Warcraft Movie trailer The movie is being released in June 2016 and the trailer was premiered: Legion expansion The expansion...
Summary > Blizzcon 2014
Blizzcon 2014 just happened and some pretty big news came out of it, here are the highlights. Overwatch The biggest news of Blizzcon this year was the announcement of Blizzard's first...
WoD > New character models coming to WoW!
The new WoW expansion "Warlords of Draenor" is just around the corner now! One of the best changes that's coming is all the character models are being updated to...
Summary > Blizzcon 2013
If you're interested in programming or software development be sure to check out my man's blogGrowing with the Web [];-). **World of Warcraft (Yay!! +_+ lol)...