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Cleansing balm
Chanel Review > Sublimage Moisturisers (L'Extrait de Crème/ La Crème/ Texture Suprême/Fine/ Fluide)
From my personal experience, I find that Sublimage moisturisers [] seems particulary great for those whose skin is lack in oil, and needs some oil-hydration balance...
Chanel Review > Sublimage Ultimate Skin Regeneration Essential Comfort Cleanser (Démaquillant Confort Suprême)
Unlike myself, my sister loves and uses oil cleansers to take off daily make-up and pollution that you get from inside the office. I see why she loves using them as she puts...
Allure > 클렌징, 스킨케어의 시작 : 내게 맞는 세안법
피부 상태, 메이크업 정도에 따라 클렌징 방법도 다르게! 특히 클렌징 초보분들에게 유익한 정보일 듯 해요 :). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 아침과 저녁 세안을 달리하는 획일화된 클렌징 패턴은 더 이상 유효하지 않다. 메이크업의 정도에 따라 클렌징 제품을 달리...
My PMS Basic Skin Care Routine (Spring / Summer)
PMS insomnia and irregular sleep patterns have become a part of my life now! :( To someone like me who just loves sleeping in, it’s torture indeed. I just want to have a...
Review > Rose Masks ( Sisley / Guerlain / Fresh / By Terry / Emma Hardie)
Over the weekend, I was organising my bathroom cabinet which I do monthly, and I have found that there's something common going on in all my most loved/used face masks....