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Fresh Skincare Review > Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask (Tips)
Fresh Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask has a pleasant floral scent, but sadly it does contain artificial fragrance in spite of the concept of natural skincare []. Although...
Feeling unwell? Flu skin / body / hair care / make-up routine (ft. Lola, Moncler)
It’s been quite cold here lately :/ Yes, sadly summer’s gone...T_T I’m sorry about my absence, I’ve been sick for the couple of weeks, and have been staying...
Review > Rose Masks ( Sisley / Guerlain / Fresh / By Terry / Emma Hardie)
Over the weekend, I was organising my bathroom cabinet which I do monthly, and I have found that there's something common going on in all my most loved/used face masks....
Gifts for Her > Valentine's Day Gift Ideas ( Mostly Under $100 ) & Tips for Men
Bienvenue, Monsieur! :) Yes, THE day has finally come! :P IF you have just got into your first relationship and in panic, no worries, this post will guide you to what you need to...