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Feeling unwell? Flu skin / body / hair care / make-up routine (ft. Lola, Moncler)

Published by Jasmine Seo

It’s been quite cold here lately :/ Yes, sadly summer’s gone...T_T I’m sorry about my absence, I’ve been sick for the couple of weeks, and have been staying in bed most of the time since I just couldn’t move O_O. Accordingly, I dramatically reduced the time I spent on my skin/body/hair care.

And the other day, my man and I went to Lola for breakfast, which was a sweet excuse just to get out for some fresh air :).

My hair’s a bit messy since I just got out from my bed, but as you might have noticed, my skin doesn’t look too bad considering how sick I’ve been. Oh, just ignore the puffy face by the way XD.

On my face, I’m wearing Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Roll Liquid eyeliner in Bedroom Black, By Terry Light-Expert foundation, Cover-Expert as a concealer for the under eye area and Baume de Rose and Baume de Rose Crystalfor touch up on my lips.

Here, I decided to go with the school look since it somehow gives me some holistic energy! :D I’m wearing a Moncler duffle jacket that I purchased a few years ago. It was sold out worldwide so I got very lucky XD. I would’ve literally cried if I couldn’t get it! Indeed, that’s how much I love duffle coats. I just have to have different designs O_O. Regardless, it was quite unusual for Moncler to bring a duffle jacket to the market, but I don’t complain, if you one day see Moncler carry another duffle jacket that looks like this, you should get it! It’s very warm and cozy. The primary material is wool, so you know it isn’t as light as other Moncler parkas though.

This is how I normally dressed when I was in school since high school. Duffle coat, True Religion jeans and Dr Martens boots! Gosh, those jeans and boots… they last way too long (it has been 7 years O_O) and I just can’t wait for the day to throw them away XD.

So that was what I wore to make myself feel a bit better, and here’s what I’ve been doing with my skin care routine while I’ve been sick! :).

I’ve used Sisley Botanical Night Complex nightly for about a week, followed by their Floral Spray Mist and Sisleÿa Eye and Lip Contour Cream. If you are having a trouble getting hold of Botanical Night Complex, you can use their Botanical D-tox instead. They both work great, but I feel that the Botanical Night Complex brings results a bit faster and feels more intensive than the other one.

For the rest of the time, I used 3LAB The Perfect Cream (herbal scent) or IOPE Super Vital Bio Cream Intensive (floral scent) day and night after applying their Urban Aging Corrector and the same Sisleÿa Eye and Lip Contour Cream. 3LAB The Perfect cream and IOPE Super Vital Bio Cream Intensive work the best if you suffer from dehydration and dryness.

If you’ve been using Crème de la Mer, and you want to replace your cream for a change, you should try either of them… or both! >_< They’re just as moisturising as Crème de la Mer and the finish of it is even about the same. That ultra glowy fool-proof veil! <3 The only difference in texture is that they are thick creams, not balmy like La Mer, so it was in fact much easier to apply since I didn’t need to melt it in between my fingertips.

As I mentioned earlier I spent most of the time in bed, so I’ve been giving my face a bit of a massage whenever I applied either of these in order to reduce puffiness and promote blood circulation.

As for IOPE Urban Aging Corrector, I must say it’s very hydrating. The texture of the serum is more suitable for normal to dry/dehydrated mature skin. It’s an emulsion type texture like Sisley Hydra-Global, I noticed that the IOPE one quenches skin much better and felt slightly heavier. I didn’t mean that it leaves a veil like La Mer The Concentrate, but it feels more like it creates a sort of a veil within your skin. It definitely leaves a beautiful glow and I’ve been enjoying massaging my skin a bit after applying in bed :P.

So these are the main products that I used just to combat dehydration from dry air, too much sleep and lack of fluid intake (naughty me! But hey, I just didn’t feel like drinking O_O). And now, I’m going to tell you specifically how I did for cleansing my face and body/hair care.

In bed

This is my most used lazy way XD

Wipe off skin in a circular motion with Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-In-1 One Step Cleanser using a cotton pad (If you have eye make-up on, use an eye make-up remover for the area). Repeat once more as needed. Then, spray mineral water (either Vichy, Evian, Avene or La Roche Posay) onto your skin until it feels like it has sufficiently emulsified the cleanser. Using a cotton pad, wipe off the cleanser in a circular motion. Spray the mineral water again and repeat until your skin feels freshly cleansed.

In the bathroom

During a quick bath; I just didn’t have much energy in general, so I took baths instead of showers.

  1. Body : Use Elemis Detox Skin Body Brush to gently exfoliate and to promote blood circulation before bathing.

  1. Face : Use Clarisonic with Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing facial wash and follow with Elemis Resurfacing Gel Mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes.

  1. Body: Relax in a foamy bath with Darphin Aromatic Seaweed Bath and Shower Gel for about 15 minutes.

  2. Hair : Massage your scalp with John Masters Organics Spearmint & Meadowsweet Scalp Stimulating Shampoo for a minute or two while lathering to circulate blood and relieve headache.

  1. Face : Rinse off the mask with warm water with your fingertips using a circular motion. Put on Fresh Rose Face Mask for about 5-10 minutes (full review)

  2. Hair : Towel dry and start applying John Masters Organics Citrus & Neroli Detangler from mid section of hair to the ends and then the leftover onto your scalp. Give a bit of short scalp massage. Comb through. I use Mason Pearson Detangling comb.

  3. Body: Apply Sisley Phyto-Svelt Global or La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Body Emulsion ( Oh no, this is the last bottle that I had stocked up :( ) all over your body using upward circular motion.

  1. Face: Rinse the mask off with cool water and moisturise. And put on your favourite lip balm. I use La Mer the Lip Balm.

  2. Body: Moisturise your hands and feet. I use Deborah Lippmann ‘Steppin Out’ Nourishing Foot cream and Jurlique Hand cream.

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