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네이쳐 리퍼블릭
Sisley Review > Sunleÿa Age Minimizing After-sun Care for All Seasons ( ft. Innisfree & Nature Republic )
As you might have guessed from its name ending with leÿa, that’s right, it’s one of the top premium ranges from Sisley, which also means an eye-watering price for after-sun care....
ALLURE > 시트 마스크 사용설명서
미세먼지로 민감해진 피부~ 시트 마스크 사용하기 전에 한 번 읽어보면 유익할 듯해요 :). 시트 마스크 사용설명서 시트 마스크의 홍수 속에서 어떤 제품을 골라야 할지, 어떻게 사용하면 좋을지 혼란스럽다면 여기에 주목하길. 앰플이 함께 있는 시트...
My PMS Basic Skin Care Routine (Spring / Summer)
PMS insomnia and irregular sleep patterns have become a part of my life now! :( To someone like me who just loves sleeping in, it’s torture indeed. I just want to have a...
Review > Moisturiser Must Haves for PMS/Oily/Combination Skin (Sisley / La Mer / Amore Pacific / belif / Bioderma / Dr Haushka / Esthederm)
This post is all about moisturisers for oily, combination and especially skin when you are going through that time of the month... During this period, your skin tends to go out of control...