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Review > Moisturiser Must Haves for PMS/Oily/Combination Skin (Sisley / La Mer / Amore Pacific / belif / Bioderma / Dr Haushka / Esthederm)

Published by Jasmine Seo

This post is all about moisturisers for oily, combination and especially skin when you are going through that time of the month...

During this period, your skin tends to go out of control due to hormonal imbalance and stress from different factors in your life. It's very sensitive, so it's very important to take a good care of your skin as much as you can during this period. This includes knowing your skin, health, daily life and stress levels too.

My skin as an example

Personally, my skin totally turns into a sensitive combo skin type with one or two breakouts around my chin or under my chin even. My whole body gets puffy and my digestion system doesn't work properly, so I always have to watch my diet whenever that time of the month is coming close.

I try not to go outside during this time since I get more reactions than usual from make-up, the sun, wind and temperature extremes. So I keep everything neat yet gentle. I pay special attention to my hygiene; less hair products, no make-up, a simple skin care routine and a diet, less sun and computer, and finally more water and sleep.

How I treat my angry skin

My skin has never really got along along well with chemical acne or blemish treatment products ever since I was a teen. So I've been relying heavily on deep cleansing masks rather than spot treatments, and it has been working well for years. Those chemical treatments just make my skin more sensitive and dry, which makes my skin texture even worse.

So usually I tend to apply the "Let It Be" formula to my skin, especially during the time of the month. That is to say, don't use heavy products like anti-aging products and letting my skin breathe. If I have to go out for some reason during this period I take off all my sunscreen and make-up immediately after arriving home, regardless of the time.

Otherwise, I cleanse my skin with just a warm water in the morning and a gentle foaming cleanser at night (thorough yet non-stripping) and just spray some mist (preferably an oil free one) or toner if my skin feels fine with it.

If I need a bit more hydration, I use a hydrating serum (a boosting serum in particular) and leave it like that. When my skin feels more hydration from seasonal weather change, wrong diet or even staying outside very long, I would use a simple moisturiser depending on the condition of my skin.

So here are my favourite moisturisers for PMS/Oily/Combo skin. By the way, using these moisturisers won't improve your condition entirely; you also need to work on your diet, lifestyle, skin care routine and the way you handle your skin in different conditions. If your acne is very severe, then it's better to see a dermatologist not just to treat your acne but also to prevent acne scarring (which can cost a lot to get rid of).

For PMS/Oily/Combo skin

Nature Republic Soothing and Moisturee 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (300ml)

  • Keep in the Fridge for a cooling sensation
  • Dries matte and non-sticky
  • Includes soothing properties such as Aloe Vera 92% and chamomile

Belief Aqua Bomb (50ml)

Avene Cleanance Lotion (40ml)

  • One of my favourite go to products when I was teen and in my early 20's
  • An oil-free exfoliating light creamy emulsion with tingling sensation
  • Use at night for the best result
  • A gentle way of removing dead skin cells without irritating PMS/blemish prone skin
  • Contains soothing Avene thermal spring water, anti-inflammatory zinc gluconate, benzoic and salycylic acids

La Mer Oil Absorbing Lotion (50ML) (aka La Mer The Moisturizing Matte Lotion) (full review)

  • An oil-free moisturising lotion (not runny)
  • Helps skin's regeneration
  • Slight mattifying effect without drying out skin
  • Great as a makeup base

Belif Hungarian Water Essence (75ml) and Bioderma Hydrabio Serum (40ml)

  • Water-like and fast absorbing
  • Great for hot and humid weather especially
  • If you want something natural, super light and fast penetrating one, try Belif one

Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Refreshing Hyra-Gel Oil Free (50ml)

  • Keep in the fridge for a cooling sensation
  • A fast absorbing light texture
  • Hydrates skin with bamboo sap juice instead of water
  • Contains skin strengthening ginseng and ginger extracts and different gluconates

Bioderma Hydrabio Light Cream (40ml)

  • Gel-cream formula
  • Quickly absorbs onto skin without leaving any residue
  • Contains niacinamide, sodium lactate and apple fruit extract

Institut Esthederm Pure System Pure Control Care - Cream (50ml) (full review)

  • Beautifully scented light emulsion like cream
  • Instantly mattifies skin and creates baby soft canvas for makeup
  • Contains different skin beneficial ingredients including cellular water, zinc gluconate, sunflower seed oil, salycylic acid and so forth

Sisley Tropical Resins Complex (50ml) (full review)

  • An oil-free gel-cream texture
  • Contains botanical active ingredients
  • Perfect for someone who prefers something less mattifying and less drying out your skin
  • More for healing rather than controlling shine

For Combination Skin

All of the products above work fine for combination skin, if your skin stills feel dehydrated the following work great.

Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light (30ml)

  • Creamy skin comforting texture
  • Melts into skin easily upon application
  • Creates a light thin veil onto skin
  • Contains skin hydrating natural ingredients such as sesame seed oil, rose hip fruit extract, rose flower water and extract

Bioderma Hydrabio Rich Cream (40ml)

  • More of a standard light cream texture
  • Doesn't feel really heavy at all upon/after application
  • Not as hydrating as Dr Hauschka one, yet great as a make up base
  • Contains mineral oil but it doesn't clog pores

Where to buy

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