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The Masonry (ft. Yuna)

Published by Jasmine Seo

I’m not a that much of a fan of pizza, simply because I have a hard time digesting it -_- Yep, it's quite heavy to me :P. Regardless, I do enjoy having pizza with my man since I’m in love :P Haha. My man has been raving about wood fire pizza for the past a year or so, so I thought we should try out! First of all, it’s not a fancy restaurant, it’s just a pub selling some nice food. When you first enter The Masonry, you will need to find your own seat. It says that on the board at the door, which we didn’t see at the beginning, so we sort of had that awkward moment of thinking, ‘Hmmm why no one’s serving us? O_O’ :P. The other thing that I noticed was that they take time serving, but once served, the food come out quite fast and the staff were very friendly and casual. The place is quite small, so you probably want to get in a bit early so you can get a seat, especially if you have a few people with you. The place seems to be quite popular based on Yelp which makes sense when you look at the photos :). We went there at around 5pm and it was almost half full.. on a weekday! :P

The background music wasn’t too loud, so my man and I had a no problem chatting and didn’t get distracted at the pub for the first time XD. The music though, it wasn’t my type of music, but it didn’t really matter to me anyways. I think it’s some kind of rock and metal cross? Not sure.

The staff served us with cold icy water in winter at first after giving us the menu. I don’t normally drink cold water, but it didn’t matter to me too much since I thought it was a tap water, which I don’t drink. However, wow, it wasn’t a tap water!:D Certainly it didn’t taste like a bottled water, which I normally drink at home, but it was probably filtered water based on the taste. Trust me, I was very very happy to have filtered water XD. I broke my own record drinking half glass of water in the pub / restaurant!

Anyways, the pasta Tagliatelle came out, and I was very excited to try since I love pasta and spaghetti! :D I would say it wasn’t the best pasta that I’ve tried, but it certainly tasted and felt quite light. It wasn’t too meaty or cheesy. However, the ratio of cheese, sauce and the beef got a bit off that my man and I thought it was a pork rather than a beef O_O. Regardless, it was quite harmonious, and the handcut pasta was quite nice. I highly recommend you having it with the end bits of pizza since the plain crust and pasta went very well together. I somehow enjoyed better that way.

We ordered the sausage pizza. It was a non-greasy, simple and light, which my man and I loved. I personally don’t like eating food with my hands since it’s either makes my hands feel very greasy and/or cover in sauce. I just don’t like the feel of it onto my skin. So when the pizza came out without a knife and a fork, I was thinking ‘Uh oh…:/’. Anyways, I didn’t want to look too awkward since everyone around there seemed having it with their hands. So I thought I guess I'll try. Oh my! It was possibly the most non-greasy crust that I’ve ever touched! In fact, that was quite close to how my man normally makes his pizza crust. And the crust was the thinnest I’ve ever tried O_O. The pizza also wasn’t even greasy or salty although it had sausages. Trust me, my man and I are very sensitive to salty taste because we don’t add salt at home and as you might know from my past posts, my lips are very sensitive to salts. It wasn’t the most cheesy or most topping oriented pizza, but it tasted just right. Harmonious and light. It was like a fine wine. It tasted better and better as we were having it, which was interesting. I think you should add pickled pepper as part of the topping since it did make a difference to the flavour. And I loved it most XD. Although the pizza size is 14 inches, but the pizza feels quite light that I can imagine one man can have entire pizza by himself, even two pizzas!

Even after finishing two dishes, my tummy felt fine and wasn’t bloated or anything :D. Will we come back again? YES :D.


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