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VI Peel Review > Day 1 (ft. LEGO & Burberry)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Hi, everyone! I finally got my VI Peel done! :D It was my very first chemical peel experience, and it wasn’t that bad at all. It was very easy and short, taking about 20 minutes max. By the way, my aestheticism didn’t put the solution on my neck and eye areas. Regardless, it supposed to be a natural peel, it didn’t smell that great. When the aestheticism was applying the solution on my skin, I simply didn’t like the strong factory smell -_-. It made me feel sick as if I got a car sick. Ewww. It lasted for about an hour, and my man could also smell it when he was near me, which he didn’t like much at all XD. I warn you, if you are going on a date, then definitely your get VI Peel some other day >_<.

Before & After

Around the time when the smell was gone, around the mouth was starting to feeling tight but nothing major.

We went to the Lego shop to check their new Nexo Knights, which I believe will be their next Ninjago. That is, my little nephew will go crazy and start collecting again like how he has always been with Ninjago series XD. And we also wanted to take a photo inside frog, but the frog was gone… T_T Oh, no! T_T Our tradition at Bellevue square is now gone :’(.

We came home, and I needed to wash my face since it had been way over 4 hours (almost 8 hours) since the VI Peel. So I used VI Derm Cleanser from the VI Peel Home Care Kit (full review) that the esthetician gave me. Then, I followed with the VI Post Peel Towelette. I left it on for about 1-2 hours, and washed my face again as the esthetician had asked me to do. However, when I was cleansing my face for the second time, I didn’t use cleanser, I just washed with warm water only since my skin was feeling pretty dry due to staying out in the cold for so long without any moisturiser. And again, I repeated the process with the towelette.
If you want to know more about VI Peel Home Care Kit and the instructions in detail, you can read it from HERE as I made a separate post on them.

While I was getting ready for bed....LOL

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