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Luxury Gifts for Stylish Men (On Sale RIGHT NOW! - Burberry/ Lanvin/ TUMI)
Whether it's for yourself or for the special someone, we always love to get pampered :) Well, at least that's how I think about it when buying gifts anyways. I...
10 Timelessly Fashionable Water-resistant Hooded Coats
Followed by the rain boots list [], I just summarised my favourite water-resistant coats with hoods >_<. I'm not sure about you, but having a hood...
10 Stylish Rain boots to check out!
It's the rainy season again here in WA, so I've been checking some rain boots for this year :3. Ever since I moved to the States, I feel that...
La Prairie Review > VIP lunch at Palomino & little gifts (Ft. Androgynous look/ Burberry)
As I briefly mentioned in my recent visit to Nordstrom for the annual Fall beauty event [] , there was a lunch gathering for La Prairie VIP clients in Bellevue....
Review > Korean Tax-Free Skin Care Shopping in Gangnam / Shinnonhyeon Station (ft. Burberry / Aritaum / Innisfree / IOPE / Laneige)
Of course, hitting the big malls and department stores is fun, but I also like to visit individual road shops XD. I guess I prefer them a bit more as no one bothers...
VI Peel Review > Day 1 (ft. LEGO & Burberry)
Hi, everyone! I finally got my VI Peel [] done! :D It was my very first chemical peel experience, and it wasn’t that bad at all. It was very easy...