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Chanel Review > LE BLANC Brightening Concentrate Double Action TXC & Moisturizing Cream TXC

Published by Jasmine Seo

My skin tends to have some sensitivities with lightening/brightening products. They just give me bizarre breakouts here and there, and make my skin itchy. The worst part is that the majority of them have a sticky or too light texture and they typically make my skin even more dry throughout the day. Meaning, I get uncomfortable tightness around my skin and itches...:/ So, I have been intentionally avoiding brightening/lightening products unless the brand is reliable enough that I know my skin wouldn't react.

That's right, one of those brands is actually Chanel. Surprise!
I know, some might raise an eyebrow about their fragrance, parabens...etc.
I must tell you, Chanel is one of those irony products like Guerlain that actually works. Well, I would say Guerlain's skincare feels way up there compared to Chanel.

Chanel LE BLANC Brightening Concentrate Double Action TXC & Moisturizing Cream TXC

Regardless, the Chanel Le Blanc range really stands out in the brightening category.

Scent & Consistency

Le Blanc Brightening Concentrate Double Action TXC is in a light-weight gel serum consistency, which isn't runny light, but more of dense light. It also has very tiny fine particles that makes skin looking naturally glowy and luminous in a very subtle way.

Chanel LE BLANC Brightening Concentrate Double Action TXC & Moisturizing Cream TXC

It spreads very well that two pumps is enough to cover the entire face and neck. It's quite hydrating as well for a brightening serum that oily/combo skin types can get away with just using it along with sunscreen.

Chanel LE BLANC Brightening Concentrate Double Action TXC & Moisturizing Cream TXC

Le Blanc Brightening Moisturizing Cream TXC also has creamy condense consistency.

It doesn't absorb particularly fast, so you need to give it a bit of massage. Once it all sinks in, it gives the skin a very velvety silky smooth finish.. Oh my, it doesn't feel like just an artificial smoothness, it feels more like as if your skin's so plumped that your skin texture's naturally velvety XD Your skin will also get an instant thirst relief and feel comfort. Loving it <3.

Chanel LE BLANC Brightening Concentrate Double Action TXC & Moisturizing Cream TXC
Chanel LE BLANC Brightening Concentrate Double Action TXC & Moisturizing Cream TXC

They give you quite a nice luminosity and glow. My sunscreens and make-up goes on beautifully, which is another added bonus!

Even better, the scent isn't very overpowering unlike some of Chanel's other skincare products :D. I get nausea and a headache if the scent is too much, but I was totally fine with those two.


  • TXCTM*:
    This exclusive ingredient, a molecular powerhouse developed by Chanel Laboratories in Japan, delivers 12 intensive hours of brightening benefits. Immediately and over time, TXCTM offers unprecedented results:
    Helps diminish the appearance of existing dark spots
    Unparalleled brightness and evenness of skin tone
    New calming and soothing action

    This precious new LE BLANC ingredient, derived from carefully cultivated Akoya pearls** from Japan, provides intense hydration while smoothing skin. Enriched with glycine, the potent extract delivers:
    Visible improvement in the appearance of dull skin
    Enhanced radiance and clarity of the complexion
    Boosted hydration to help restore skins natural suppleness

    New to LE BLANC, this powerful anti-oxidant works in synergy with 2-Year Pearl Extract to help enhance brightness and luminosity.

  • *Polyfunctional ingredient developed on the basis of a technology exclusive to Chanel. International patent application.

  • ** Present in LE BLANC line.



I've certainly been enjoying using it together with Chanel's new CC Cream SPF 50 (full review) :D.
As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy using those two during the warmer seasons and my PMS. Surprisingly, they work really good on my monthly breakouts and preventing them leaving dark marks on my skin. I've also noticed that it somehow makes my breakouts shrink and heal a bit faster at least for my dehydrated normal skin during PMS. Having said that, I wouldn't recommend any of those for severely oily or acne-prone skin types.

And they are great products to carry to your holiday destination to prevent sun spots. When you do so, make sure you apply sunscreen very religiously, otherwise you might actually get a reverse effect O_O. Yep, so be careful with that. Dealing with pigmentation is a long hard race, meaning you need to use the products for at least 3-4 months to see some visible results along with good sun protection and healthy lifestyle

If you are looking for non-drying brightening skincare, you should definitely check out Chanel's Le Blanc range. They won't literally lighten your skin, but indeed they will help you have more even-toned skin by preventing pigmentation. If you want to have full control of spots, then I recommend you incorporate their Day/Night Intensive Spot Treatment into the mix as well.

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