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Chanel Review > Hydra Beauty Micro Creme & Micro Serum (Tips/ Warning)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Chanel has been known for their hydrating skincare collection, Hydra Beauty for long time. You can also tell by how much the company has been focusing on the line by looking at the number of products and also their constant investments like in research. You can also feel its popularity because the majority of samples that you will most likely receive from the counter are part of Hydra Beauty line along with their mascara and/or fragrance samples. One might not know about their most prestigious line Sublimage collection, but most would recognise Hydra Beauty collection.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Creme, Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum, Chanel hydra beauty eye gel & Chanel hydra beauty mask

Anyways, Chanel has just released their new Hydra Beauty moisturiser Hydra Beauty Micro Creme which is the sequel to their previously launched Hydra Beauty Micro Serum a couple of years ago. As I found their Micro Serum to be more effective than other Hydra Beauty products, I should mention that I have relatively high expectations. Chanel has been doing better than usual in terms of their recent skincare launches other than their Blue Serum, so I was a little unsure about whether I would like their new Micro Creme. If you have been following my website, then you all know by now know that Chanel has given me some ambiguity in regards to their product direction.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Creme, Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum, Chanel hydra beauty eye gel & Chanel hydra beauty mask


If you have already been using Chanel's Hydra Beauty range, then the scent is nothing new as Micro Serum and Micro Creme has the same artificial peachy scent. If you are new to the line though, then it can disturb you to a certain degree as their fragrance is quite loud and obvious compared to other skincare brands. Although I would say that the scent of Micro Serum and Creme come slightly weaker than their original Hydra Beauty serum and moisturisers, it can still cause irritations if yourself or your skin is sensitive to fragrance.

Active Ingredients

Three powerful active ingredients:

  • Camellia Alba OFA,* a new exclusive lipid extract** preserved at the heart of the micro-droplets, provides an intense plumping effect and reinforces the skin's hydration and protection.

  • Camellia Alba PFA,*** the iconic active ingredient of the HYDRA BEAUTY line, helps the skin restore and maintain optimal moisture levels in the cells.

  • Blue Ginger PFA,*** a powerful antioxidant, protects the skin from free radicals and reinforces its cellular self-defense system.

    • *OleoFractioned Active ingredient.
    • **International patent application.
    • ***PFA: PolyFractioning of Active ingredients. A specific process developed by CHANEL that allows for the creation of ultra-pure cosmetic active ingredients.


Hydra Beauty Micro Sérum

Intense Replenishing Hydration


Hydra Beauty Micro Serum has a gel texture without any cooling feel on skin. Really? A non-cooling product from Chanel? This is a very positive feature about Micro Serum as many Chanel skincare products do have that cooling sensation that may have caused issues to those with sensitive skin.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Creme & Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

It spreads very easily, so a few pumps will cover your entire face and neck.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Creme & Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

You will feel a slight stickiness at the beginning, but your skin will feel satiny smooth to the touch once it's fully absorbed.


With HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Sérum, CHANEL reinvents hydration. The first serum composed of camellia micro-droplets is based on an exclusive patented technology derived from Microfluidics, making it possible to create droplets of active ingredients whose purity remains intact until the moment of application. In perfect affinity with the skin, these micro-droplets fuse with it, releasing their precious camellia extract for continuous hydration and an intense plumping effect. The unprecedented texture offers a completely new sensory experience.

  • Continuously hydrated for 24 hours and perfectly protected, the skin is infused with moisture. Smooth and replenished, it is glowing with youth.

  • After one month of daily application, skin hydration levels increase by up to 33%.* The epidermis is deeply steeped in water.**

  • After 4 applications, the stratum corneum is plumper.
    The skin is visibly plumped: +32% plumping effect.***

    • * Instrumental evaluation of 22 women (forearm – average result) with 5 strips of the stratum corneum.

    • ** 5 strips of the stratum corneum.

    • *** Ex-vivo evaluation after 4 applications (n=9). Average measurement of stratum corneum thickness.



Hydra Beauty Micro Serum instantly hydrates and brings a beautiful glow to skin. It does soothe my skin's dehydration and preps it for make-up and I have personally found it more quenching than their original Hydra Beauty products. Micro Serum may look lightweight, but it feels closer to an oil-in-serum texture once it's in contact with skin. It almost feel like it hydrates within and creates a very fine layer on top of skin to relieve dryness simultaneously.

Some normal skin and oilier combination skin types can even get away with using Micro Serum by itself as it's quenching enough. Having said that, it may not be an ideal for those with sensitive skin mainly due to its fragrance. I personally don't like to use it during my monthly as I tend to be even more sensitive to fragrance. Nevertheless, it provides long-lasting hydration, which makes it a great companion for travelling and dry seasons.

Hydra Beauty Micro Crème

Fortifying Replenishing Hydration


The new Hydra Beauty Micro Creme comes in a dense gel-cream texture which goes on very smooth and light.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Creme & Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

However, the cream carries Chanel's cooling sensation that occurs during penetration, so those with redness and sensitive skin might rather feel burning instead of cooling. Regardless, you only need a small amount for both face and neck, so the cream will last long just like their Micro Serum.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Creme & Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

The finish of Micro Creme is pretty much the same as the serum, but I'd say it gives a bit more of a moisturiser feel to skin. It doesn't leave any film on top, so I haven't found any problem using it underneath high-end sunscreens.


This moisturizer delivers a revolutionary infusion of 24-hour continuous hydration.* The water-light texture glides on with a sensorial burst of freshness and then transforms into the comfort of a cream, leaving skin hydrated, replenished and fortified. Skin is 22%** more plump and 92%*** more resilient.

  • * Based on an instrumental test of 19 women.
  • ** Clinical evaluation of 34 women after 1 month of application.
  • *** Reinforced antioxidant protection; skin is more resilient. Ex-vivo evaluation on day 4.



In terms of hydration, I've found that Micro Serum is better for those with dehydration issues and Micro Creme for mild dehydration and moderate dryness problems. Although it has the similar oil-in-cream transition during application, I haven't experienced their claimed 24 hour hydration longevity when used alone unless it's layered over Micro Serum. This also means that dry skin might not find it hydrating enough. However, I think that Micro Creme will be enough for combination to normal skin for the coming Spring and Summer under the assumption that that's what the company is aiming for as they just launched the product.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Creme, Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum, Chanel hydra beauty eye gel & Chanel hydra beauty mask


Due to the nature of the product, Micro Creme is good to be paired with any skincare regime including brightening and detoxifying routines. Speaking of which, I would like to mention some of the comments that Chanel beauty experts have left to their online customers on their US website. I have no intention of criticising Chanel company, and I just want to clarify the answers that they've given as my views are slightly different from theirs and I truly want my readers to be aware of what they are about to spend money on. Please note that I don't normally do this, but I found the answers that Chanel beauty experts have given seem somewhat misleading. So here it goes.

Question #1


As a long time Chanel Sublimage skincare user and also other Chanel product user, I have several ways to answer to the question;

In terms of compatibility, YES, you can use Hydra Beauty Micro Creme over Sublimage L'Essence. However, I wouldn't layer it on top of Sublimage L'Extrait since the Sublimage one is basically an oil-in-gel which is more heavier than Micro Creme.

If it was about efficacy of Sublimage skincare, then I would say it depends. Technically, it's true that you will see faster results by using the products in the same line. Meaning, if it's just about seeing the result as soon as possible and having a sense of security in mind, then it's recommended to use the entire line despite the eye watering price.

However, if you look at it from a different angle considering the nature of Sublimage skincare, hydrating products usually get along well with detox skincare routine ie. it's fine to use Micro Creme.

And if one has combination to oily skin or even young skin and finds Sublimage creams rather rich and heavy, then Hydra Beauty Micro Creme will be good to be used over Sublimage L'Essence.

Question #2


As I mentioned earlier, the texture of Hydra Beauty Micro Creme is more like oil-in-cream, which I wouldn't recommend to those people with active skin including excessive oily skin. This also means that their skin can get sensitised easily, meaning it's best to avoid fragrance heavy products. Whether excessive sebum production is caused by hormone levels, clogged pores, dehydration or poor diet, the gentlest formula that Chanel can offer to such skin is La Solution 10 de Chanel. Or if one's skin isn't that sensitive, then their Resynchronizing Skincare and Le Blanc range might suit better. Nevertheless, those two still contain fragrance. So I suggest you to get some samples and see how your skin reacts first.

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