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Chanel Review > Le Blanc Serum (Healthy Light Creator)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Chanel's Le Blanc brightening skincare has been one of the most popular ranges especially in Asia along with their classic Hydra Beauty line. Naturally, the company has been renewing and expanding the range over the past few years. As expected from Chanel's signature CC pearl necklaces, the renewed Le Blanc Serum's main ingredient still stays the same, which is the pearl. I personally quite liked their previous version, so I got very excited to try out the upgraded version. So here's how I like it compared to their old one :).

Chanel Le Blanc Serum Healthy Light Creator, skincare & La Mer

Scent & Consistency

The serum has the typical peach scent that Chanel carries. Although I'm very used to the scent, I still hoped that the serum would be less perfumey at least, but no, it can't happen under La Maison de Chanel, right? :( I'm not sure if it's just my nose, but I've found that the new serum seems to have a more obvious scent with less of an alcohol feel to skin.

Chanel Le Blanc Serum Healthy Light Creator, skincare & La Mer

The new Le Blanc Serum is still runny and light, but I would say that it has a little bit more of a dense gel consistency. The most upsetting part for me is though, that it no longer has those nice pearlescent particles that give a subtle luminousity to skin.

Chanel Le Blanc Serum Healthy Light Creator, skincare & La Mer

But then, the new formula feels more hydrating and brings an instant dewy glow to skin, so I find it more practical for the coming Summer.

Benfits & Active Ingredients

Formulated with precious ume flower extract, exclusive TXC™ technology and fine pearl protein, LE BLANC Sérum reveals a luminosity that radiates perfect health from within.

  • REVITALISE - Ume flower extract

    To be at optimal health, skin cells need to be at their most vital. CHANEL has developed the extract of ume flower, a precious natural ingredient that increases skin's cellular vitality. It boosts a specific skin protein programmed to slough off and repair damaged skin cells, promoting the growth of only healthy ones.
    With full vitality restored, every skin cell functions at its best, becoming more resilient against both internal and external stressors.

  • REGULATE - TXC™ and ume flower extract

    Regulating the production of melanin is the second core action of LE BLANC Sérum Healthy Light Creator. On a constant quest for perfection, CHANEL introduces an exceptional new ingredient, ume flower extract, which works to complement the CHANEL TXC™ molecule, for even more powerful whitening. The TXC™ molecule is a powerful poly-active ingredient that acts on every skin cell layer, targeting seven essential factors of hyperpigmentation. CHANEL Research identified ume flower extract as the best inhibitor of a protein called motalin, a new biological target at the heart of the hyperpigmentation process. These two cutting-edge active ingredients act together in powerful harmony to correct existing dark spots and prevent new ones from forming.

  • RESTORE - Fine pearl protein and natural nourishing oil

    For skin to radiate its best health and beauty, it needs to be thoroughly nourished, with its essential lipids restored. Enriched with natural nourishing oil and fine pearl protein, LE BLANC Sérum Healthy Light Creator strengthens the skin barrier, and ensures deep long-term hydration.



It's indeed a positive upgrade for Le Blanc Serum as it finally joined the anti-aging brightening category rather than simply focusing on pigmentation control. Although it's still not as hydrating as their Hydra Beauty Micro Serum, I think that it provides enough hydration for Spring and Summer.

Those with oily to oily combination skin will be fine with the serum by itself for Spring, meaning dehydrated/dry skin types will need a hydrating moisturiser on top. During this time of the year, my skin still tends to be dehydrated although my skin's mostly normal, so I have been using the serum underneath Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil and La Prairie Swiss Ice Crystal Transforming Cream SPF 30 during the day time and Kahina Giving Beauty Prickly Pear Seed Oil for night time.

As I like to use brightening skincare mainly during my PMS since it helps with discolouration prevention and lightness, I had to try how the new serum would work on my skin. And I should let you know that it works just as fine without giving me any irritation despite its fragrance. It comforts enough my PMS combination skin without making breakouts even bigger or cause more. I've also noticed that it sort of takes down the redness around the breakouts a little although it isn't major.

Nevertheless, the instant glow and good hydration of Le Blanc Serum Healthy Light Creator reminded me of La Prairie's discontinued Swiss Cellular White Triple Action Concentrated Essence in terms of the texture and hydration level that my skin gets, which is good. Although the new Chanel Le Blanc Serum doesn't erase the spots like how a laser would do, it will be a good pair to frequent sunscreen application for this Spring and Summer to keep spots at bay and maintain evenly toned skin.

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