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Dinner at Din Tai Fung Bellevue and Haircut at Adore Hair Salon

Published by Jasmine Seo

Hi, everyone! Yes! I got a haircut and my roots done! Snip Snip! Naaaaaaaw!! That was a huuuuuuge decision indeed >_< But you know what, it was worth it! I think :P
I always see Yuko from Adore hair salon, she is excellent! ( You can see all the services they do here. ) She even spotted unevenness in length from my previous hair dresser! :O I was very upset though since I tipped the previous one quite a lot, and she didn't even do the job correctly?! >:-( ARRRRRGH! 
Anyways, at least it's great that I found Yuko last summer via Yelp! XD Ever since then, I've been seeing her every 7-8 weeks and even my man likes his hair done by her too!
She is very calm, patient and precise! I really love, love, love how she does her job <3 She's an honest adviser too when it comes to hair. So I highly recommend you to see her if you are contemplating between certain colours or hair styles.
If you go there, just mention my name to her, she will be extra caring to you! (btw, I'm not sponsored or paid or anything! I just love getting my hair done by her >_< )
Anyways, we went to Din Tai Fung in Bellevue Square last week, and even though we got there at 4:30 we still had a long queue of about 20min! Hmmm well, in fact, it wasn't that long 'long' compared to normal evening hours O_O.

Unlike in Australia, here, Din Tai Fung is a proper restaurant, not in the food court, which is good since we don't need to look for the seats :P. I've found that the menu is about the same but the price and how much you get in the dish is much cheaper and better here!

So here are some dishes that we've ordered.

Yes, it's a strongly flavoured with Jasmine, so be aware!:P
I personally enjoy Jasmine tea at home, so I didn't have a problem with it, but I can see some might have a problem with this :P.

Anyway, my man tied back his hair since his hair's longer than mine now!!! +_+
He was wearing one of his favourite hoodies, +20 Frost Resistance, which he believes that it gives him a buff :P.  hahaha What a nerd! how cute!! <3

And I was wearing Muubaa leather jacket and Gucci backpack from bamboo collection.

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