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Dinner at Icon Grill in Downtown, Seattle (ft. Belstaff Shearling Biker Jacket)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Here we are, at Icon Grill! :D

In case if you are wondering... :)

The bread and butter went together really well. They felt very fresh and soft. I'm not a huge fan of butter, but these were different, they was very subtle, not overpowering yet added different flavours to bread.

To start off, we ordered Fried Mac&Cheese! >_< This place is known for their comfort foods and home made Mac & Cheese, so we both agreed, WHY NOT! XD The skin didn't overwhelm the Mac&Cheese, which I really liked. I was a bit worried that it might be a little greasy since I personally don't like oily or greasy food. However, this turned out great! It was just right texture and balance of flavour-wise. And the sauce went very well with those too. By the way, this was a very heavy appetizer, so be warned!! :P My man and I got quite full already after finishing them. LOL.

For my main, I just got the same one that I always get,  Cajun Tiger Shrimp Penne Pasta! Yum! <3
To be honest, I'm not a big fan of their grilled bread since I don't like burned food :P. But everything else is perfect. The sauce doesn't taste cheap, all the texture comes very balanced. I especially love how the shrimp is very moist yet soft and flavoured. Great harmony all together. And of course, if you are someone who first checks whether the shrimp tails are cut off, yes, no need to worry about it here :P. You are indeed at the safe zone! :)

My man also ordered his main from Off the hook section, Parmesan Lemon Sole. I don't normally have fish at regular restaurants since I'm very sensitive to smell....zzz....I can still taste that SMELL!!! Gosh :(. But guess what! I loved this one! I couldn't taste that fishy smell, and it just blended very well with other side dishes provided. One complaint though, as you can see, there were diced lemon pieces!!! All of sudden, bursts of lemon flavour... gosh, I wouldn't like that kind of orchestra! :P. My man loved that bursts of sour taste though. Oh well, he's all that into sour things, so why not :P.

We didn't order any drinks since we don't really drink.. hmm perhaps once or twice a year for me (and just a few sips), and occasionally just for my man, not really much though. Anyways, we really enjoyed food and service overall at Icon Grill. We will definitely go back since they have my dish there:P. LOL. A tip for you, unless you are a big eater, don't order three dishes! We normally get two dishes, but this time we just wanted try an appetizer, and was way too much overall! :P. Two dishes are more than enough! You know, in the States, they tend to be very generous with the amount of food that serve you ;).

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