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10 Timelessly Fashionable Water-resistant Hooded Coats
Followed by the rain boots list [], I just summarised my favourite water-resistant coats with hoods >_<. I'm not sure about you, but having a hood...
La Prairie Lineless Future Event & Ben-Amun Pearl Necklace (Ft. Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show)
I can really feel that Spring is here again as Nordstrom is holding a Beauty Trend Show :). My man got the tickets through the La Prairie counter last week for us, which was...
Dinner at Icon Grill in Downtown, Seattle (ft. Belstaff Shearling Biker Jacket)
Here we are, at Icon Grill! :D In case if you are wondering... :) The bread and butter went together really well. They felt very fresh and soft. I'm not a huge...
Making of Androgynous look with Belstaff Shearling jacket
The temperature dropped pretty low last month, so I needed to bring out my Belstaff [] shearling jacket that I packed away when I organised my wardrobe since Summer was...