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Gift Ideas - Pet Beds (Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed / Pet Pad / Bagel Bed)

Published by Jasmine Seo

You can always get delicious dog treats from Mud Bay or Amazon, which they will indefinitely love.

However, sometimes it’s great to give something special that is easy to forget such as replacing old pet pad/bed, bowl and nylabone rather than we can buy for them any time. Providing comfort becomes even more crucial if your dog suffers from back pain or is going through general health problems with aging, or even when your puppy’s growing up. My 6 and 12 month old puppies exercise a lot on a daily basis, so naturally my man and I have been paying extra care to how and where they rest by creating more comfort spaces in our place, along with in their house (aka crate). So I thought that I should share these with you since my babies (Yuna and Yena) have been loving them for the last at least 7 months or so.

Comfy Pet Pads

They have many different patterns, but I particularly chose the red tartan comfy pet pad for our babies since I just love the colour combination. It’s very well made as I mentioned in my previous review. It really made Yuna and Yena love staying in their house, which I’m very pleased with. I highly recommend Comfy Pet Pads! They are the best by far :D. The seller does custom orders too!

Go Pet Club Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed

If your dog is getting old or his/her back needs to be looked after, orthopedic memory foam pet bed is a must-have! It’s a 4 inch high 100% memory foam bed, which is quite hard to find. Trust me, I looked for weeks to get the right one for our very active dog Yuna. She’s only a year old, but I thought it’s nice to take care of her bone structure since she exercises lots. The bed also has a protective layer, so I find it very easy to keep it neat. So far so great!

Majestic Pet Original Bagel Bed with Sherpa

If your dog likes to snuggle in one particular area, you should get this bagel bed for him/her. When Yuna and Yena want to get some rest somewhere other than their houses, they simply choose to snuggle up in their bagel bed. No hesitation at all! They just love to take a naps in it. I’ve written a review on the bed previously, so you can check further if you are curious.

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