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Pet bed
Majestic Pet Review > Villa Bagel Dog Bed (52 inch/ X-Large/ Ft. border collies & Yena's 3rd birthday)
Our very first pet bed Majestic Pet Original Cotton Bagel Dog Bed [] that we bought initially started getting too worn due to so much love from our border collies...
Yena's 1st Birthday & Retreat at William's with Yuna (Ft. Tuffy , Rover & Diamond Naturals)
Yes, that's right! It's our little baby Yena's first birthday :). Yay, finally graduating from Diamond Naturals puppy food []! Happy birthday, Yena! <3...
Gift Ideas - Pet Beds (Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed / Pet Pad / Bagel Bed)
You can always get delicious dog treats from Mud Bay [] or Amazon [], which they will indefinitely love. However, sometimes it’s great to give something special...
Majestic Pet Cotton Bagel Bed with Sherpa
We got the largest Majestic Pet Cotton Bagel Bed with Sherpa [] in March this year since Yuna just loved lying down on top of her house (aka crate). That’...
Comfy Pet Pads - Training, Washing and Maintaining
Finally Yena has the same red tartan pet pad that Yuna has! My man and I got the red tartan fleece pet pad [] for Yuna about a year ago...