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La Prairie Review > Cellular Gold Radiance Range - Holiday Limited Edition 2013

Published by Jasmine Seo

I usually stock up my La Prairie products over holiday seasons. As always, they presented some different limited editions this year! I was very tempted to get the Platinum Rare gift set, where you basically get an eye cream for free!


I already got my Platinum Rare serum and cream two months ago as a gift with purchase. So I had to postpone this great deal until next year :'(.

At least, I picked Luxurious Radiance Moments, which includes Pure Gold Radiance range.

Youthful skin is radiant, glowing, alive with inner luminosity, but the years have a tendency to dim the glow. To emulate the luminous moist buoyancy of young skin, La Prairie created a revitalizing and perfecting collection that supports the inherent reflective properties of younger-looking skin.

Using a brilliant application of light-restorative technology and rare, golden ingredients, La Prairie scientists have developed a way to give your skin an instant perfecting glow, lasting radiance and youthfulness. The formulas are designed to support mature skin experiencing loss of glow which stems from changes in the skin that occur with aging. Restorative plants replace vital elements while minerals support deep hydration and encourage more youthful skin functioning.

Cellular Radiance products contain golden reflective pigments as well as La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex to revitalize and perfect the skin’s appearance to a youthful, lustrous texture, tone and luminosity.


Simply because I love this eye cream! <3 This eye cream is my must have over the colder seasons!! >_<

When you order online, it always comes in this paper box with a ribbon. Even if you asked for a gift wrap, it comes the same LOL.

No offence, but I have found that Korean La Prairie gift wrapping looks more luxurious and suits its image better :P. No complaint, just saying :P.

In this set, along with the full size eye cream, you get 15mL of Pure Gold Radiance serum (OMG this is the real deal if you know what I mean!!). I know some people complain about this serum, but I figured out that there is a trick to apply it! (I will write a quick post about it soon!)

By the way, I love this serum, it feels very hydrating and brings instant radiance and glow >_<. If you are after rich serum, this one is way to go.

Highly recommended!! :D

La Prairie Cellular Gold Radiance

Oh, and it also includes 7mL of Radiance cream, which will last you quite a while. This cream is too rich for me, so I passed this onto my mother~ lala XD I am such a GREAT daughter, right? :P LOL.

I also got 5mL Platinum Rare cream, 3mL Platinum Rare eye cream and foaming cleanser as part of GWP. This event continues until the last week of November, so hurry if you are planning to purchase some products!

You also get to pick one free sample along with these, so Voila! :)

La Prairie Platinum Rare

If you are looking for a luxurious gift for anyone around you or even for yourself, then this is the way to go! :)

Foolproof quality!

However, if you have never tried these before, then make sure you visit a nearby counter and test out the texture :).

The Pure Gold Radiance range is very rich, so more suitable for mature skin seeking some wrinkle correction! :)

For firming and lifting, try the Skin Caviar range.

There are quite a few Skin Caviar holiday value kits, so make the right decision according to your needs :).

I hope this post was helpful for your holiday preparation!

Buena Suerte!! :D

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