La Prairie Review > Anti-Aging Skincare - Anti-wrinkle/ Plumping (Part 1)

Published by Jasmine Imms

This is the first post in my personal La Prairie anti-aging skincare series, and please check my La Prairie skincare overview before reading this post if you are not sure which products may work better for your skin type.


Alongside the series, I've also just started the ones for La Mer Anti-Aging Skincare, so if you are caught in the middle of the crossroads between La Prairie and La Mer, I suggest you to check the La Mer posts that I've written previously as well.

Nevertheless, here are some of my suggestions for La Prairie anti-aging skincare to wrinkle related issues.

Prevention / Maintenance

Hormonal Aging (eg. menopause)


Complementary Boosters

Eye Care

Where to buy


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