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La Prairie Review > Anti-Aging Day Emulsion SPF 30 & Day Cream SPF 30 (Part 1: Anti-Aging Collection)

Published by Jasmine Seo

I wrote a post about La Prairie's new suncare in my previous post, and today I thought I might post about their SPF skin care products from their quite unknown yet old Anti-Aging Collection :).

The very first products that I tried from their Anti-Aging Collection include Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF 30 along with their Anti-Aging Stress Cream and their discontinued Cellular Retexturizing Booster about 7 years ago when I went to Korea to babysit my first nephew. In fact, my mother got them for me then since I had just got back from my trip to Latin America and I literally had no skincare products with me except for my Guerlain Compact Powder XD. And according to my mum, my skin looked awfully dehydrated and unbalanced! O_O (Wow! Thanks for your beautiful comment on my skin, mum -_- LOL)

La Prairie Anti-Aging Day Emulsion SPF 30 & Day Cream SPF 30

Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF 30

I was quite hesitant using Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF 30 especially on my face since I found most products containing SPF tended to break my skin out back then. And it's in a light pink pretty nourishing texture, so I was quite scared to try it out at the beginning. Regardless, I thought I would give it a try since my sister was raving about it. By the way, she was in her late 20's with normal / dehydrated skin.

On the very first day that I first put it on, I didn’t get any breakouts even after taking a nap with my 3 week old nephew XD. And for the rest of 3 months I stayed there, I didn’t get breakouts nor itchiness from the day cream, which surprised me in a good way. It also gave me a beautiful healthy glow from within and made my skin look more plumped <3 The cream goes on very smooth and leaves my skin well hydrated without breaking it out, JACKPOT!

So ever since then, I’ve used it very religiously until I tried Anti-Aging Day Emulsion SPF 30 a year or two later :P. They are from the same Anti-Aging Collection and they are pretty much the same on what they do. However, I think the day cream has more anti-aging benefits including promoting cell longevity and targeting wrinkles, so it's better for more mature skin types or for those who started to see visible first signs of aging.



  • Avobenzone (UVA), octocrylene (UVA), octisalate (UVB), octinoxate (UVB)
  • Palmitoyl tri-peptide-8 reduces carbonylation (protein damage in the dermal matrix); anti-glycation technology prevents stiffening of collagen fibres
  • Resveratrol and larch tree extract provide cell protection from free radicals
  • Rice milk protein helps prevent premature cell death

Firming / Anti-Wrinkle

  • Tetrapeptide-3 enhances firmness and elasticity
  • Chlorella vulgaris extract (green algae) promotes firmness in skin layers
  • Acetyl decapeptide-3 helps fill in lines and wrinkles over time


  • Salicornia plant extract increases natural moisture pathways called aquaporins
  • Resurrection plant helps skin recover from dehydration
  • Sunflower seed oil stimulates synthesis of lipids


Anti-Aging Day Emulsion SPF 30

Anti-Aging Day Emulsion SPF 30 is a great hydrator for under make-up, but it doesn't hold make-up that long. Well, it's not designed to be a primer, right XD. It doesn’t mattify or control oil production, so you will still need to blot your t-zone area if your skin tends to get a bit oily.

La Prairie Anti-Aging Day Emulsion SPF30

Texture-wise, it's not runny, but rather dense and emulsion-like. A small amount goes long way like other La Prairie products, but specially for this one, you only need a single pump.

Like the day cream, it never broke my skin out. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for very oily or acne prone skin types as it can still be a bit too nourishing unless you put on a very tiny amount or test it first. I know the name emulsion sounds very deceiving, but it's as hydrating as the day cream to a very similar extent.

Both the day cream and the day emulsion are great for dehydrated skin types since they are very hydrating. It isn't superficial, but I would say the day cream provides much longer lasting hydration. Indeed, the day cream is much better suited for dry skin types and colder seasons whereas the emulsion is best for those with normal to dehydrated combination skin.



  • Avobenzone (UVA), octocrylene (UVA), octisalate (UVB), octinoxate (UVB)
  • Cellular protection complex including ursolic acid and carnosine reduce carbonylation (protein damage in the dermal matrix)
  • Vitamin complex including vitamins C and E, plankton and white tea helps prevent free radical damage

Firming / Anti-Wrinkle

  • Dermal peptides reduce expression lines and help restore density, bounce and firmness
  • Salicylic acid derivative gently exfoliates to smooth skin’s surface


  • Bio-botanical skin patch releases moisture droplets slowly and steadily, giving immediate and long-lasting hydration
  • Vegetal extracts create an internal moisture surge in the skin, helping the skin stay hydrated



Regardless, I wouldn’t see any brightening or pigment reduction from those two. Rather, I saw some improvement in wrinkles and fine lines when I used Anti-Aging Rapid Response Booster (formally, Anti-Aging Longevity Serum) and their Anti-Aging Night Cream or Anti-aging Stress Cream together. I see Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF 30 and Anti-Aging Day Emulsion SPF 30 work better in synergy with any anti-aging skin care you may use as they protect collagen and prevent premature aging. Somehow it sounds quite similar to Sisley’s famous All Day All Year, hey :). I’m not certain if La Prairie uses the similar bubble technology that Sisley has in their All Day All Year, but they do their job and I found them much more hydrating than the Sisley All Day All Year frankly.

Anyways, if you have found La Prairie skin care quite rich and nourishing in general, but still willing to try out, then I recommend you try either their The Anti-Aging Collection or The Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection which is the lightest in their skin care range. Remember, you can always test the texture at any La Prairie counter before purchase:).

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