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Sisley Review > All Day All Year Essential Anti-Aging Day Care

Published by Jasmine Seo

Sisley isn’t just known for their face masks, but also suncare and the technology behind it. Indeed, one of their staple products include their world renowned All Day All year :).

Sisley All Day All Year & Sisley skincare

Scent & Consistency

The texture and hydration power of All Day All year is in between their Moisturizer with Cucumber and Sunleÿa Age Minimizing After-sun
, a light creamy texture that absorbs into skin fast.

Sisley All Day All Year & Sisley skincare

Yes, it does have a very Sisley-like texture XD. There’s no particular oily residue or tightness either. You can smell some sunscreen in the cream, but it’s not overpowering. It still has Sisley’s unique aroma in it.

Sisley All Day All Year & Sisley skincare
Sisley All Day All Year & Sisley skincare


All Day All Year is the essential anti-aging day care; it acts as a dual-purpose protective shield, protecting skin from external aggressions:

  1. Anti-UVA-UVB shield: its encapsulated filters protect skin to limit oxidative stress.
  2. Anti-free radical and anti-stress shield: a powerful synergy of plant extracts with anti-free radical properties protect the skin from harmful external factors.

Kept inside this protective bubble till night, the skin appears more radiant, toned and dense. Wrinkles are visibly diminished over time. Light, comfortable texture. Non-comedogenic.

Day after day, it regains its smoothness and radiance. After about 28 days, the skin appears visibly younger.

Acitive Ingredients

  • Juniper (essential oil): stimulates
  • Shea Butter: nourishes, soothes, repairs, softens, and protects
  • Sesame: hydrates, restructures
  • Rice: reinforces the skin's barrier
  • Hazelnut Oil: fights against dryness, protects
  • White Willow: accelerates the synthesis of HSPs, anti-elastase, anti-collagenase
  • Phytosqualane: emollient, hydrates
  • Apple: anti-oxidant
  • Vitamin E: anti-oxidant
  • Encapsulated UVA and UVB filters
  • Sage (essential oil): stimulates
  • Marjoram (essential oil): soothes



All Day All Year’s claim is essentially to protect skin both internally and externally. It prevents collagen breakdown and protects collagen, which is the key part in All Day All Year. Preventing collagen breakdown is important as much as stimulating collagen. If you have young skin, then you can simply focus on prevention to slow down skin aging, but if you have a more mature skin type, then you certainly need to work on both to see some overall improvement. Indeed, it’s more of a long term investment. You basically need to make a leap of faith and use consistently every day to see the outcome. I mean the outcome as in 10 or 20 years of time when you compare your skin to your friends at around your age :).

I’ve only been using All Day All Year for a few years now, so I think that it’s still a bit too soon to judge if it really works. However, my sister has been using it since her 20’s (she’s in mid 30’s now) and I see her skin looking great without any in-office treatments and considering how she keeps her skin care very simple and basic. From my family's experience and people around me, All Day All Year isn’t really focusing on correcting, it’s more about protecting, delaying skin aging and aging gracefully. I also believe that it’s a great complement to any anti-aging treatment that you are currently getting or using.

It never broke out or irritated my skin, and it has been my go-to make-up base as it has a lovely neat (not matte) finish. That doesn't mean that it helps with sebum control or make-up longevity though. I wouldn't say that it's that hydrating as a moisturiser because it just superficially moisturises compared to other luxury skin care brands. However, as an SPF built-in moisturiser, it has quite a pleasant light texture without feeling sticky or greasy. If you have dehydrated / dry skin, you will need to use an extra hydrating boost beforehand as the product by itself won't be enough. The biggest downside is their low SPF, which means that you do need an extra sun protectant over the top if you decide to try All Day All Year. By the way, if your skin reacts to chemical sunscreens, then I highly recommend you test it at the counter first as it's chemical sunscreen based.

If you decide to try out All Day All Year, then I highly recommend you use Sisley Supremÿa at Night/ Supremÿa la nuit together for the best result as they complement each other.

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