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Love you, Mum! :)

Published by Jasmine Seo

My mother called me at midnight last night, saying that she misses me and she wanted to hear my voice! :O
I was very busy with playing WoW as usual, and I was like WOW!! +_+
Did she just say literally she misses me and rang me to hear my voice?! :O

I am not quite sure about your mother, but WOW! That was a fresh shock in a nice way! :)
I never heard her ever saying that in person, and I was the one who always forced my mother to say "I miss you, my darling daughter" :P LOL.

Anyways, thank god, I was still awake at the time, playing WoW (Many thanks to Blizzard! lol), or my mother might have been disappointed! :)
So today, I was having noodles over lunch time, and it got me to think, "Woot! Maybe I should make a blog post for her!" so she can see me whenever she wants to!

Indeed, GUYS!!! LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS are VERY hard and heart-breaking! :P LOL.

My mother and I

When she visited me in Australia she saw me playing WoW for the first time! I lived in Australia
all by myself since 16, so my family hardly saw any footage of me and how I have grown and handled my teenage and uni life. She seemed to be very surprised and shocked that I am no longer digging into books 24/7 :P. And she told me that I look awesome playing WoW (regardless of how bad I can get on WoW =_= Apple in the eye guys.. Zzz) and she's proud of me ha! Of course, she loved my healer shirt that I have got as well LOL.

Possibly this was her most loved lunch menu whilst she was staying with me. A fresh sandwich and fruit!
I promised her, I will take her to this cafe when she comes back for a visit again! :)

My mother saw me putting makeup on myself, and she said "Wow! Do you even know how to put on a makeup? So pretty!" Haha! Oh, mother!!
I remember, I really had trouble in college since I had no one to teach me how to put makeup on whereas most other girls did. So, when I turned 21 (yes.... I spent my 21st birthday without my family :'( ), I went to David Jones and learnt how to put on basic makeup lol. Now I have my own skills, so no problemo with makeup!

When my mother was staying with us at the hotel, I saw a closet, and I felt like teasing her haha! I know, it is quite rude, but I am the youngest in my family, and I couldn't help it :) I just found this closet was perfect for my mother since she's so tiny! LOL.

Jeff The Great took us around the Opera House and the Botanical Gardens, which my mother really, really enjoyed!! Apparently she misses there, and she loved Jeff! Ha! Jeff, are you reading this post?? :P Wink

As I have mentioned in one of the previous posts, she loves reading and learning, so even in the Botanical Gardens, she found this exotic tree, and she started reading the description..etc, whilst.......I..... was sort of getting into the turkish delights LOL.

We might have slightly different personalities, my mother is quite introverted, whilst I can be pretty extroverted.. but we think very alike despite the many years apart from each other in different countries. It is incredible how much I am becoming like her as I get older..:O
I am still doing my best to be as wise as possible like her... And hopefully in time, when I become a mother of my child, I can be like her?! :P Oh, well, LONG WAY TO GO!!!!! ;)

Lately, it has been really heartbreaking being apart.. As in she gets lonely pretty easily. She's turning into 55..and I am turning into 25..Well, this makes me to think about the role of a daughter!

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