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싱글즈 > 피부는 아침에 가장 솔직하다
여름이 다가온다구 무조건 화이트닝에 중점을 둘 게 아니라 아침에 피부 봐가면서 관리해야겠네요ㅎ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 기상 직후의 피부는 어떤 자극에도 노출되지 않은 온전한 상태다. 이때가 본인의 피부 상태를 정확하게 파악할 수 있는 바로미터이자, 피부에 꼭...
Feeling unwell? Flu skin / body / hair care / make-up routine (ft. Lola, Moncler)
It’s been quite cold here lately :/ Yes, sadly summer’s gone...T_T I’m sorry about my absence, I’ve been sick for the couple of weeks, and have been staying...
My PMS Basic Skin Care Routine (Spring / Summer)
PMS insomnia and irregular sleep patterns have become a part of my life now! :( To someone like me who just loves sleeping in, it’s torture indeed. I just want to have a...
Review > Moisturiser Must Haves for PMS/Oily/Combination Skin (Sisley / La Mer / Amore Pacific / belif / Bioderma / Dr Haushka / Esthederm)
This post is all about moisturisers for oily, combination and especially skin when you are going through that time of the month... During this period, your skin tends to go out of control...