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My Most Worn Contour-Quilted Hip-Length IRE Puffer Jacket by MONCLER (몽클레르)

Published by Jasmine Seo

I am not a very puffer jacket person, in general I prefer leather jackets. However, I thought that I should introduce you to the MONCLER IRE puffer jacket  that I got into early this year! A very light, comfy, chic and versatile puffer jacket! :)

If you were wondering why I am not a massive fan of regular puffers,

It is mainly because most of them make me look SQUARE! 
Duh.. They make me look very old fashion and/or giant! :O

Anywho, the below explains why this puffer jacket came out on of the top of  my other more expensive jackets/coats! I have worn this on windy/rainy days, in the plane,  under my other coats and jackets...etc.
I even wore this jacket right after my surgery, 
and slept in it too :P (Oopsie! Naughty me! >_<).

It does not say you can, but I suppose you can put this on this all year round  unless the weather is boiling hot!  Well, at least I have been. LOL.  Just because something is listed as S/S 2013 does not mean that 
you ONLY have to wear it in S/S :P.
The puffer jacket does give you a nice silhouette  and enough room/comfort for activities.  It also has a waist band to adjust waistline.
It comes in a few different colours,  so you can either visit Neiman Marcus or Moncler's online website to check. You can also check the Moncler official website to see their A/W 2013 collection. So go and have a look at their website and have a look! :)
Happy shopping!

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