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10 Timelessly Fashionable Water-resistant Hooded Coats
Followed by the rain boots list [], I just summarised my favourite water-resistant coats with hoods >_<. I'm not sure about you, but having a hood...
10 Stylish Rain boots to check out!
It's the rainy season again here in WA, so I've been checking some rain boots for this year :3. Ever since I moved to the States, I feel that...
La Prairie Transforming Event Review > New SPF Products & Serum (Ft. Moncler & Gucci)
I know, it wasn't a long ago that my man and I got our facial done at La Prairie [] , but we got another on-counter mini facial...
Feeling unwell? Flu skin / body / hair care / make-up routine (ft. Lola, Moncler)
It’s been quite cold here lately :/ Yes, sadly summer’s gone...T_T I’m sorry about my absence, I’ve been sick for the couple of weeks, and have been staying...
La Prairie Review > Skin Caviar Crystalline Concentre & Skin Caviar Liquid Lift (Part 1: Skin Caviar Collection)
La Prairie Skin Caviar Crystalline Concentre In a word, the name describes the serum perfectly. It’s a very lavish concentrate, I mean it feels luxurious on your skin and it just makes...
Canada Goose Review > Cortina Fur Hood Parka
To be honest, I'm not a massive fan of Canada Goose parkas just for two reasons; they look a bit tacky and somewhat casual too. So I prefer to buy parkas...
My Most Worn Contour-Quilted Hip-Length IRE Puffer Jacket by MONCLER (몽클레르)
I am not a very puffer jacket person, in general I prefer leather jackets. However, I thought that I should introduce you to the MONCLER IRE puffer jacket [