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National Pizza Day & Day Out with Yuna and Yena ( ft. Pagliacci Pizza )

Published by Jasmine Seo

Yuna's wearing a faux fur dog coat purchased from Neiman Marcus late last year.

After going out to the park to play with Yuna and Yena, we changed them into clothes that weren't quite as warm since the heater was on. Yuna's in a 100% merino wool hood jumper from WARE of the DOG, and Yena's wearing a collared shirt from Ralph Lauren.

Then we ordered a 12th Man Primo pizza from Pagliacci Pizza for National Pizza Day! :D

We normally buy pizzas with goat cheese from this place but decided to give this one a shot. It turned out to be pretty good, I even enjoyed the pepperoni which I normally find quite stinky and salty at other places. The crust was easy to digest too.


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