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Review > La Prairie Facial at Nordstrom, Bellevue

Published by Jasmine Seo

Hi, everyone!

So I mentioned in my previous post that I got my facial done last week :).
Maybe it's because of the weather? I've been getting more into face massage and facials these days O_O. Regardless here are some photos of what you could expect from a La Prairie facial at Nordstrom if you are about to get your first La Prairie facial done :).

La Prairie Facial & Spa

La Prairie Facial & Spa

You go to the La Prairie counter and the massage therapist will take you to the spa room. On the way, he/she will mostly ask you about your skin care regime, etc. if you are new. If you have been there before, then you don't need to worry about it as they have record on their system :).

La Prairie Facial & Spa
La Prairie Facial & Spa
La Prairie Facial & Spa
La Prairie Facial & Spa

When you get to the room, you can make yourself comfortable. La Prairie facials includes a decollete and hand / lower arm massage as well, so you will need to take your top off. Depending on locations, I've seen places providing a gown, but there was no gown at Bellevue location.

Before (Only Wearing Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection SPF 45 Primer
& Amore Pacific CC Cushion)

My facial was done by a very pleasantly elegant lady named Jay and it was simply lovely. I enjoyed every conversation that we had and her touch onto my face was very gentle and divine. She also put their newly launched product Cellular Radiance Perfecting Fluid Pure Gold as a finishing touch onto my skin.


La Prairie Facial & Spa

I put my clothes back on, and Jay and I went back to the counter. And I met Kim who had been working for La Prairie over 20 years as well as the counter manager Michelle. Trust me, I had way too much fun chatting about their old and new products with them XD. And here is what my man got for me to relieve the stress brought on from lots of packing and organising after the move :). I know he is very thoughtful and sweet <3

Sheer Indulgences

La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream Sheer, Sleep Mask, Facial & Spa

In a very big pouch, which is a quite unusual size for La Prairie (compared to my old La Prairie considered-to-be-relatively-big pouch :P)

Little gifts from Michelle

And here I am testing Cellular Radiance Perfecting Fluid Pure Gold in different light settings! :P

A Night After La Prairie Facial (With a Puffy Face :P)

Oh my! I'm missing the facial already >_<.

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