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La Prairie Transforming Event Review > New SPF Products & Serum (Ft. Moncler & Gucci)

Published by Jasmine Seo

I know, it wasn't a long ago that my man and I got our facial done at La Prairie, but we got another on-counter mini facial a few days ago as we were invited to the Transforming event at Nordstrom in Bellevue :). I was very excited to be invited as they just launched their new serum and two SPF products:

My man and I were booked in for the morning with Michelle, so we didn't put much on our face when we were heading out for the event. The weather is much nicer now, but it was pretty cold in the morning, so I had to wear my Moncler duffle jacket to keep myself a bit warm.

Well, I was on that time of the month, which my puffy face shows... Regardless, it was quite nice to get pampered a bit as I felt much better after the mini facial >_<. By the way, Michelle tried all the newly launched products on my face so that I could feel the texture on my skin and test throughout that day. My man got the same except for the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Transforming Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 and full make-up XD. By the way, I will write detailed posts later after thorough testing on those new products, so keep an eye on my blog :).

Shortly After

We actually went to Gucci section about a week ago to see if they had Bow Gucci Signature zip around wallet in red, but they didn't have it then.

Gucci wallet

Gucci wallet

So we had to wait until it got shipped from another Nordstrom store. Luckily it arrived on the same day as our mini facial, so we picked it up after the transforming session :). Yaaaay <3

Gucci wallet
Gucci wallet

About an hour later

Moncler & La Prairie

Moncler & La Prairie

Oh, we also saw some cute Fendi bags... but why do they look very impractical to me O_O.. I mean, they are really cute and unique, but it somehow reminds me of one of those previous Chanel backpacks that felt quite artistic and bold yet very impractical :/. Regardless, I'm very interested to see how long this cute current Fendi's trend leading icon will last O_O. I like Fendi, but I just prefer old Fendi better :(.

Fendi bags

After a few hours

Moncler, La Prairie Facial & Spa

Moncler, La Praire Facial & Spa

My man and I were checking here and there, and we decided to sit and have some coffee as I really needed something sweet just to relieve my pain and keep me awake a bit longer :3
And look what the Starbucks barista did to the cream on my Mocha Frapaccino! >:-( What kind of way of putting cream, hey :(. It was the most ugly cream that I've ever seen on a coffee in my life -_-. I was extra upset as cream is the heart of Mocha Frapaccino at least to me...Anyways, at least it tasted good... but still, what about my cream!! >:-(

starbucks Frapaccino

If you were wondering what I got from the La Prairie counter, here's what I purchased :).

Little gifts from kind Michelle <3
(She even packed some for my mum too! :O Thank you <3)

La Prairie Skin Caviar

And some detailed photos of Bow Gucci Signature zip around wallet
(The bow and the leather is quite sturdy by the way.)

Gucci wallet
Gucci wallet
Gucci wallet
Gucci wallet
Gucci wallet
Gucci wallet

Where to buy

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