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Matching Oakley Sunglasses for Anti-Pollution (FLAK 2.0 XL)

Published by Jasmine Seo

My man and I will visit South Korea pretty soon, so we went to Bellevue Square to check new matching sunglasses for us XD.

We headed to Starbucks and got our coffee first :3.

We contemplated which ones to get for quite a while, and we decided to get something that could protect our eyes better from micro and yellow dust as they are a big concern in Asia in Spring. Without any hesitation, we went to the Oakley shop as they have a great selection of protective sunglasses.

It took a while to pick the right frame design/colour/finish and lens shape/colour. The staff were very helpful and patient the whole time as we narrowed down our options to the final three different designs of frames. Yes, that took about an hour -_-..

And that was only the beginning:P. LOL. We had to choose all the little details, which took about extra an hour or so. In the end, we picked FLAK 2.0XL, which is the most curved and it turned out that we cannot customise it in the frame that we want as it's a limited edition :(.

I was okay with as it is, but my man really wanted the violet lens. So we had no option but to get an extra pair of violet lens.

We also purchased the cleaning kit as we will need to keep our sunglasses neat as there will be dust everywhere. Apparently we can get a refill at any Oakley shop in the states, which is quite nice :D.

And here are some detailed photos!

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