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Review > Redmond Saturday Market (ft. Yuna)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Recently, my man and I have been enjoying going to the Redmond Saturday Market with Yuna. In fact, we've been waiting for May as they only open May through October, which is shame, but we all know why XD.

Anyways, as usual, we got Madame Crepe (Savory) and Lemon & Sugar Crepe (Sweet) first :).

By the way, they are not the best crepes that I've ever had but they're pretty good considering the price, as it's quite hard to find nice crepes in WA :/.

After having a snack, we grabbed some eggs and apples. Trust me, they are very fresh and taste far better than the ones from supermarkets :3.

Yuna really loves going grocery shopping with us, and this is what happens after all the time XD Yep, it's time for her to take a nap :P.

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