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Majestic Pet Cotton Bagel Bed with Sherpa

Published by Jasmine Seo

We got the largest Majestic Pet Cotton Bagel Bed with Sherpa in March this year since Yuna just loved lying down on top of her house (aka crate). That’s right, she really enjoys resting on top of her house, which we found is very funny since she’s not a kitty :P. Anyway, so we bought the Majestic Pet Cotton Bagel Bed with Sherpa and put it on the floor initially before placing it on top of her house since I wanted to get rid of the typical new product smell.

It is actually well made, so far it seems very durable and it is very comfortable. Comfort is definitely not an issue since Yuna has been just loving staying in the pet bed and resting after long exercise session.

In the beginning, a few days after we got the bed, Yuna peed a few times on the bed. Trust me, it just soaks in just like that. It was a hard work to clean it with kitchen towels. We couldn’t even use the stain remover simply because we thought that the spray will just soak in the pet bed and might cause an allergic reaction on Yuna’s skin.

So instead, this is how I cleaned locally;

Spot cleaned it with dry kitchen towels first, and follow with warm water.
Put it out in the sun.

Around once every week or two we try to vacuum it with a mini vacuum cleaner to get rid of any hair or dust. After, put it out in the sun to kill any bacteria.

So this is how I’ve been taking care of Majestic Pet Cotton Bagel Bed with Sherpa generally.

It’s shame that it cannot be machine washed, but in fact, I hand washed with my man about a month ago. Be aware that it gets very heavy when it’s fully soaked in water, so you will probably need someone’s assistance. This applies to the largest size anyway, the smaller one may not be a big problem. Some of the colour came out a little on the first wash.

Regardless, here’s how I did;

  • Fill half of your bathtub with cool water and put 2 cups of wool wash.
  • Put the bed in.
  • Make sure the bed is fully covered and soaked in. Note that the bottom part of the bed is composed of water-proof fabric.
  • Pressing the pet bed using your clean foot for about 5 minutes.
  • Empty the bathtub and fill up the clean cold water again and redo the process.
  • When you feel that it’s clean, start rinsing with the cold water.
  • Fill up the bathtub with cold water and press the bed with your foot for a few minutes.
  • Flip the bed and do the same.
  • Repeat the process with new clean water until there’s no wool wash residue.
  • When you are done, don’t squeeze. Just press gently and evenly with your foot.
  • Put the bed out in the cool shady area. Don’t place it directly under the sun.
  • Leave it there for a few days at least. You will see that the bed comes back to the normal shape.

Apart from the washing problems, the pet bed by itself is superb. The form changes a bit depending on how your dog likes to lie down over time, which isn’t very surprising. Both Yuna and Yena just love the pet bed and we will definitely repurchase again when this one becomes too worn out. But it looks like it will last at least a year longer, so we will see :). However, if your dog has some digging issues, then you might want to reconsider. The inner cushiony part is a bit fragile, so it can wear off after a few times digging.

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