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Review > Sea Temple Surfers Paradise Hotel in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Published by Jasmine Seo

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My man and I stayed a few nights in a 2 bedroom beach view apartment  at Sea Temple Surfers Paradies Hotel in Gold Coast.
The apartment was quite spacious and very clean.  It had modern furnishing and I found that this would be great for family holidays. You can even cook or go out and enjoy the sun at the beach right next to the hotel. And there were 3 TVs!  So if you are the one who cannot live without TV,  then you will probably love this place :P.  LOL
We were very relaxed while staying there... What we could only hear was the sound of wave....
And taking a nap!  Ha!
Definitely we will go back and enjoy the sun again!! :D
I found that there was not much info on Sea Temple Surfers Paradies Hotel, so there you go! I have some photos for you :). I hope that this post will help you  if you were tossing which hotel you will be staying at! :)

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