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Luxury Skincare Brand Purchase Guide! **La Mer VS La Prairie VS Swiss Perfection VS Sisley VS Guerlain (Comparison / Review)**

Published by Jasmine Seo

I feel that it is very easy to be deluded by all the ads and reviews on luxury skincare brands from magazines, YouTube, blogs..etc. It is not like we can buy literally all of them ..đŸ˜±

Simultaneously, we get readily scared/paranoid of breakouts or the product's inefficiencies. Very natural indeed since we paid FORTUNE for these products and therefore have very high expectations on the products that we buy.

Perhaps this explains why some of you asked me a few questions on those luxury skincare brands since my last post on La Prairie Skincare Purchase Guide.

And I thought... hmm🙄

Why not compare some of the luxury skincare brands that I have been using😉


By the way, I am very well aware of the fact that there are more luxury brands on the market, but I am only dealing with the ones that are more widely known throughout the world. I hope this post will help you with choosing the right brand/product for your skin.

Enjoy it!❀

1. La Mer

Celebrities' love, La Mer! Indeed, their success is a Miracle with only one cream Creme de La Mer! (Obviously, it comes in different textures; gel, lotion, oil-free lotion, soft cream and balm)

Most of all, it does feel that La Mer focuses on regeneration and hydration. Their products are quite soothing, and this is why I recommend La Mer even to pregnant women. And if you are suffering badly from drought(?) on your skin, you should definitely try La Mer. It works beautifully on sensitive/dry/dehydrated/fragile skin with laser treatments!

Especially, The Concentrate, one of the serums from La Mer, is a miracle worker in soothing and regenerating! Very effective indeed. Frankly speaking, the price is not too bad compared to La Prairie or Swiss Perfection.

However, I would say La Mer stays at the top when it comes to soothing/calming the skin!😊

Genaissance de La Mer


Calming/ Soothing

Revitalizing/ Hydrating

Blanc de La Mer (Brightening)

2. La Prairie

My mother's love, La Prairie ❀. First of all, La Prairie is definitely the most luxurious amongst these four brands when it comes to packaging and ingredients. This explains why their products are very heavy!:P Well, no complaints since it does look quite posh when I display La Prairie products in the bathroom😋. Oh yeah.. feeling that?😎

Also, when you apply La Prairie products, you will instantly say "ooooh, luxurious texture!". Perhaps this is why my grandmother and my mother get hooked up at the counter all the time =_=.. Ha! Bad joke😜. Anywho, I believe that La Prairie is excellent at correcting 'progressed' skin aging and maintaining your skin. So, if you are one of those with very mature skin, I would suggest you to straight go for La Prairie rather than tossing amongst other three brands.

Moreover, La Prairie offers different eye care products. This also means that you have a more chance to choose a specific right formula for your eye care. From this respect, I would definitely vote for La Prairie on the Best Eye Care specialist.

Oh, by the way, please be aware of the fact that some people's skin might be allergic to caviar like lavender oil. My elder sister, for example, she is totally fine with Skin Caviar Luxe Cream and Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex with Caviar Extracts, but she somehow got irritation around the eyes from Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream. Obviously, it varies for different skin types, so try samples first and purchase whatever you decide to get😊. If you are young and have lots of cash to spend (oh, lucky you!) and thinking of purchasing La Prairie, then I rather suggest you to start your skincare with Sisley.

If you ask me "What about YOU?!" Well... my case is quite different. La Prairie works on my skin. However, I have seen young people around me, having trouble with their skin not being able to absorb some La Prairie products. The reasons can be heavy/rich texture with active ingredients. You do not want to waste your expensive creams!😎 So if you are looking for something for your parents, definitely go for La Praire. I highly recommend. You will not regret it!

3. Swiss Perfection

From the surface, it looks like La Prairie and Swiss Perfection are very similar. They both were born in Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland. Obviously, if you go to Clinique La Prairie, they treat your skin with Swiss Perfection, not with La Prairie. Meaning, La Prairie is independent from all these now, and that is enough history.

Swiss Perfection's packaging and ingredients seem to be a little less complicated than La Prairie. And price is as high as La Prairie's...Zzzz... However, they are based on premium quality botanical ingredients, and you will see the results.

Well worth money!😊

You should check their intensive treatments. Unlike other brands, Swiss Perfection presents one of the best intensive care products. The beauty is that you will see the effect from within your skin. You will strongly feel that your skin got healthier. And this will be the main reason why you cannot quit using their products. Sigh* >_<

Well, I feel that Swiss Perfection is in the middle of La Mer and La Prairie. So I would surely recommend this brand to those people with normal/dry/dehydrated skin types. ie. Swiss Perfection = balancing.

Indeed, I believe that Swiss Perfection comes to the first place when it is about basic skin needs. Hydration and Collagen! These are key for preventing signs of aging. For this reason, I would like you to check Swiss Perfection if your key focus is in hydration/age prevention/maintenance.

4. Sisley

When it comes to skincare, we cannot exempt French skincare! Indeed, not one can deny that Sisley represents the luxurious French skincare tradition. As some people said beautiful skin is starting from thorough cleansing and basic skincare, Sisley is at the top when it comes to basic skincare line without any doubt. Cleansers, masks), toners etc. Very easy to customise specifically for your skin!

Due to the nature of the ingredients of Sisley, botanicals, I can even imagine some teenagers start their skincare routine with the brand. Without worrying about side effects/irritation, you can just rely on Sisley if you want an option that is safe and effective, you will see the result!

Some might find that Sisley's packaging and ingredients may seem to be a little simple compared to what you pay. However, never judge a book by its cover! I would say you will still be satisfied from your impulse buy of Sisley without even trying out samples! I believe that Sisley has the least tendency of upsetting your skin amongst those four brands that I have mentioned throughout the post!😊 Highly recommended!

5. Guerlain

The relationship between my family and Guerlain is very long and tight. The first make-up product that I started using was their famous Météorite pearl powder by Guerlain. Guerlain was also the first brand of which I used the entire range and really fell in love with.

Some might be suspicious of the ingredients and fragrance contents in their skin care products, but I truly believe that they do deliver results unlike certain other high end skin care brands. So don't get fooled by the title "Perfumery", you never know until you open the book!😊 Their science is much more reliable than other perfumeries if that is your concern. They do know what they do in skin care products.

One of the best things about Guerlain is that you can choose your favoured texture of moisturisers; whether it's gel, emulsion, cream or rich cream.

They are very famous for their classic Super Aqua range, which if you haven't tried yet, YOU SHOULD. It's a 24 hour hydrating range that quenches skin beautifully.

I'd say Guerlain skin care is perfect for mature skin too. Their Orchidée Impériale range is one of their classics, which my grandmothers have been in love with.

If you are result oriented, then Guerlain is right for you. They've got all specific solutions for you; hydration, anti-aging, brightening and intensive treatments.

Final thoughts

Hopefully this post helped you with making a right decision for your investment on your skin! As I said before, it does not always function as "Eye-watering Price=Best Result=High Satisfaction".

And please do not get confused with aesthetic procedures and expensive skincare. Clearly skincare products have a limit to prevent and correct. If you are someone whose skin is in need of laser resurfacing or fillers, then you should go and see a dermatologist! These two cannot be compared. And if you want an instant result, you should go to the dermatologist's, rather than purchasing these expensive products. For instance, if you want to get rid of deep wrinkles, try in-office laser treatments, and maintain the result with skincare products.

I suggest that you know what your skin needs and spend your precious money more strategically!😊

Now what do you say? 😉

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