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Swiss Perfection Review > Cellular X-Hydrating Cream Mask

Published by Jasmine Seo

I got to know about Cellular X-Hydrating Cream Mask a few years ago thanks to my mother who kindly bought the mask for her youngest daughter who was complaining about Sisley's mask packaging >_<. Well, it's true that tubes are easy to use at the beginning, but it's very hard to get the last bits out, which was extra difficult for me as I injured my finger while cooking :3. I never asked her to buy me one, but it's still very sweet of her finding a mask that doesn't require squeezing <3. I know, it was indeed a quite weird way of getting introduced to a new product.

Swiss Perfection Cellular X-Hydrating Cream Mask & skincare

Scent & Consistency

The mask definitely smells artificial as it contains fragrance, but I like its refreshing scent because it's merely different from other luxury skincare brands. It doesn't smell particularly floral, but it certainly has the brand's signature summery scent.

Swiss Perfection Cellular X-Hydrating Cream Mask & skincare

The consistency is about the same as Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask, which is a generic cream type texture.

Swiss Perfection Cellular X-Hydrating Cream Mask & skincare

It goes on very smooth and gives a nice glow without giving any oily residue. It's also quite buildable, so you could layer it gradually if you have dry skin.

Swiss Perfection Cellular X-Hydrating Cream Mask & skincare


Cellular X-Hydrating Cream Mask brings pure comfort and immediate and long term hydration* to all skin types.
This mask contains Beeswax-derived Emulsifier and Avocado Oil that have moisturizing* and regenerative properties as well as Vitamins E to improve the skin’s texture and firmness. This mask leaves the skin smooth, regenerated and hydrated*.

  • of the superficial layers of the epidermis



At the beginning, I was worried if beeswax might cause breakouts as some of the products containing the ingredient in the past have, but it didn't. The best part is that it doesn't have that beeswaxy feeling, so you can use it all year round. Because of its creamy texture, I still think that those with oilier skin are better off sticking with gel masks.

Swiss Perfection Cellular X-Hydrating Cream Mask & skincare

As the mask absorbs into skin pretty fast, it won't be ideal for facial massage. However, it's a good base to mix with a face oil and even a foundation. These days, I've been using it with Olie Biologique Argan Oil as my skin needs an extra barrier. The mask itself has a limit to give deeply quenched skin as it isn't a sheet mask, but it does its job to relieve dehydration. Having said that, I wouldn't recommend it to those living in an extreme cold weather condition since I don't personally find it heavy duty. Other than that, my skin doesn't feel dehydrated at least for the next few days after using the mask, which matters to me the most :).


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