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Beauty - New to Luxury skincare
Chantecaille Review > New to Chantecaille? (Where to start/ Tips)
I personally quite like Chantecaille as I think that their products are more universal and accessible by different skin age groups. Their products are all botanical, so the brand certainly has some advantage...
La Prairie Review > New to La Prairie? (Where to start/ Tips)
La Prairie has been expanding their skincare range, and I have been asked frequently over the past years mostly in regards to where to begin. I've already written different posts on La Prairie...
Chanel Review > New to Chanel skincare? (Where to start/ Tips)
It has been few years since Chanel started investing in skincare product development, and I've been quite impressed in regards to their progress in the luxury skincare space alongside other renown brands. Chanel...
Guerlain Review > New to Guerlain? (Where to start/ Tips)
Alongside La Prairie and La Mer in the earlier stages of my luxury skincare routine, I had a huge crush on Guerlain's Super-Aqua range. Hydration is the essence of all anti-aging skincare, and...
World's Most Expensive Skincare Review > My 10+Years with Best Luxury Beauty (La Mer VS La Prairie VS Sisley VS Chanel VS Guerlain)
I've contemplated for the past few months if I should make a special post on the world's most expensive skincare products that I've been religiously using for 10+ years. It doesn't always equate...
Luxury Skincare Brand Purchase Guide! **La Mer VS La Prairie VS Swiss Perfection VS Sisley VS Guerlain (Comparison / Review)**
I feel that it is very easy to be deluded by all the ads and reviews on luxury skincare brands from magazines, YouTube, blogs..etc. It is not like we can buy literally...