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Guerlain Review > New to Guerlain? (Where to start/ Tips)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Alongside La Prairie and La Mer in the earlier stages of my luxury skincare routine, I had a huge crush on Guerlain's Super-Aqua range. Hydration is the essence of all anti-aging skincare, and I have been one who firmly believes that you shouldn't ignore hydrating skincare as it should be the basis of all. If you have been reading my posts over the years, you might know by now that I have also been using their Orchidée Impériale products for many years. Guerlain products are very familiar to me, and I thought I should list some products for those who are new to Guerlain. If you like any of those products after trying, then you can go and explore further without any second doubt. Please note that these are based upon my personal experience, and keeping that in mind, let's get started!😊

General compatibility

Addressing specific concerns (ie. Firming & skin regeneration)

Where to buy


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