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고현정 크림
Chantecaille Review > New to Chantecaille? (Where to start/ Tips)
I personally quite like Chantecaille as I think that their products are more universal and accessible by different skin age groups. Their products are all botanical, so the brand certainly has some advantage...
Chantecaille Review > Gold Recovery Mask (Revitalising Treatment/ Menopause)
Chantecaille Gold Recovery Mask is a new addition to their Nano Gold Collection [], and I had to try it out as I really like Chantecaille Nano Gold...
Chantecaille Review > Nano Gold Energizing Face Cream
I've always been a bit of a jewellery person since I was a little child, and gold has been my all time favourite ever since. This certainly reflects upon one of...
La Mer Review > The Concentrate VS Genaissance de La Mer (Regenerating/ Serum)
When La Mer launched their most prestigious serum Genaissance de La Mer [] , I decided that I would make a comparison post between their cult classic The Concentrate and...
KoY Review > Attune O'ASSIS Essence Toner & Attune O'ASSIS Cream (Korean Beauty Tips / Korean Celebrity Skin Care/Ko Hyun-Jung)
I've noticed over the last a few years, there has been a lot of hype around Korean beauty (aka K-beauty) for its innovation and the nice glowing skin effect as a...