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Review > La Prairie Facial at Nordstrom (ft. New Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion & Dior Capture Totale Dream Skin Cushion SPF 50)
Since La Prairie [] launched Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion [] (full review [] ) a few weeks ago, my man and I...
Part 2: How I Use ( Gel / Cotton ) Sheet Masks
If you are not certain which mask you are getting, then you should check out the previous post in this series, Part 1: How to Choose a Right (Gel / Cotton) Sheet Mask [https:...
Part 1: Finding a right mask - (Bio-Cellulose / Cotton) Sheet Masks
Dehydration caused during seasonal changes is indeed very uncomfortable to your skin, which takes away the natural glow, leaving it rather dull and lifeless. This is probably the reason why it's...
Making of Natural Androgynous look...Just Skin and Just Jumper
Featured image: Claudiu Mardare I don't know why, but I quite like an androgynous/boyish look especially during A/W season. Maybe because of the colours ( darker ) that I tend to...
Spring / Summer Vacance Travel Kit! - Part 3: Makeup
I promised to write a post on my summer holiday travel kit on my_bikini post []_ about a month ago. And here we are! :) (Apologies...