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Part 2: How I Use ( Gel / Cotton ) Sheet Masks

Published by Jasmine Seo

If you are not certain which mask you are getting, then you should check out the previous post in this series, Part 1: How to Choose a Right (Gel / Cotton) Sheet Mask, as it explained the differences between gel and (cotton) sheet masks :).

The most important thing's first, try not to leave your mask on for over 15-20min unless it says that you can on the package as they tend to start taking moisture away from your quenched skin at that point. It’s very important to stick to the instructions on the package to make the most out of the mask. And if you want to increase the efficacy of any of the mask that you choose to use, I also recommend you to use either a gentle acid peel or exfoliant beforehand along with gentle deep cleansing, preferably after taking a bath or shower.

Gel Masks


  • After placing the mask on your skin, don’t throw out the package! Instead, have a look inside the package :). What do you see? You should see plenty of concentrate leftover.
  • Get a little bowl and pour the leftover into the bowl.
  • Now get a thin mask brush and reapply a layer or two on top of the mask once every 5 minutes or so, focusing on your easy-to-get-dried areas. This will prevent uneven dryness, and help the mask to perform better on your skin evenly.
  • And of course, treat your neck and decollete areas too!

After taking the mask off

  • Don’t throw your mask out yet, place it on your decollete and neck area whilst doing other skin care.
  • Give your face a bit of a gentle massage for about a minute for better absorption and blood circulation.
  • When you can feel that the concentrate is almost fully absorbed, finish with hydrating moisturisers and/or face oil (How to use face oil)
  • If your skin is leaning towards the oily side, use a lightweight hydrating emulsion or gel cream instead. If you have extremely oily skin, then it will be best to just skip this part.

Cotton Sheet Masks


If the sheet mask contains less than 20ml of essence,

  • Follow Gel Mask During method.

If the sheet mask contains over 20ml of essence,

  • Prepare a clean empty jar that is preferably made of glass, and pour the essence to the jar and keep in the fridge.

  • Use it as serum underneath your regular moisturiser within 8-12 hours for freshness when you do your face next. (eg. using sheet mask at night and using serum following morning)

After taking the mask off

  • Lift the mask up from the bottom to the top and fold it well.
  • Hang on to the folded mask in one hand, and massage the essence in using the finger tips of the other hand.
  • Squeeze the folded mask into your palm.
  • Layer the essence on your skin and put it on your neck, decollete, hands and lower arms.
  • You don’t necessarily need to put on a moisturiser as cotton sheet masks tend to be very hydrating. But if you want to get a maximum result out of it, then I suggest you follow up with a thin layer of face oil and/or moisturiser to seal all the goodness that you just put on :).

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