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Tammy Fender Review > Bulgarian Rose Water (Toner/ Tips)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Although natural organic skincare has been on trend over recent years, my skin hasn't got along very well with the majority of products that I've tried. Most of the natural organic skincare brands advertise their products using adjectives like gentle and healthy, which was once used to hook me to try their skincare without any doubt. Most of them included some ingredients that my skin was allergic to or the formulation didn't get along with my skin well that they just broke my skin out..:/ Even if it says non-comedogenic on the packaging, there are certain ingredients that may not go well with specific type of skin, so it's essential to check the ingredients as those skincare brands usually include different kinds of natural emollients.

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Tammy Fender skincare products are an exception, and I personally consider her Bulgarian Rose Water possibly the best on the market based on several years of usage. As you might have already known if you are into roses, not all roses used in beauty products are the same. Bulgarian rose is typically considered the best, and product containing it tend to be priced much higher than the other non-Bulgarian rose products. My skin doesn't get along well with rose oils, but luckily, Tammy Fender Bulgarian Rose Water is oil-free, so I never got any irritations from using it even during my cycle.

Full Ingredients

*Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Flower Water, Rosa Damascene (Rose) Flower Oil, ^Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, Citric Acid, ^Sodium Benzoate, ^Potassium Sorbate. ^Vegetal Source. *Certified Organic.


Scent & Consistency

The scent is heavenly as it gives such a nice therapeutic healing sensation. It calms and soothes my senses and I really enjoy breathing in the scent of Tammy Fender Bulgarian Rose Water deeply especially after a relaxing bath. Haha, I know I love setting my own spa ritual from time to time :3. The rose water is in a lightweight refreshing watery consistency like its name. Any skin type can use it since it also doesn't leave any other texture behind.


Lauded by the earliest healers for its curative and beautifying attributes, Bulgarian Rose is considered the most valuable essence of all, requiring more than 7,000 petals to produce a single drop.

Physical Benefits

Exquisite and pure, the rejuvenating effects of Bulgarian Rose Water strengthen and tone the delicate tissues of the skin, balancing and restoring vital chi (energy), leaving the complexion supple and revitalized.

Emotional & Spiritual Benefits

The power of rose strengthens the center of one's emotional being - revealing love and beauty.



Tammy Fender skincare, Tammy Fender Bulgarian Rose Water, Tammy Fender toner, Tammy Fender Epi peel, celebrity skincare secret, Kat Burki skincare & May Lindstrom skincare

I have personally been enjoying Tammy Fender Bulgarian Rose Water especially during my cycle when my skin tends to be a little sensitive. I also like to make my own facial mist with it. You can just use an empty clean spray bottle, and pour about a third of the Bulgarian Rose Water. Then, add one to few drops of your favourite face oil that doesn't irritate your skin, based on how dry your skin is. It's simple as that! In my case, I normally add about 5 drops of Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil for everyday mist, and 10 drops of Kahina Giving Beauty Serum Oil to a different bottle to use as a boosting solution for my skincare regime. Always shake well before spraying onto your face. When the weather got very hot this year, I was solely using my customised mist as an all-in-one solution for my face, then I followed with an eye cream and a sunscreen. You don't necessarily need make it if you find it tricky, but overall, I'm very satisfied with Tammy Fender Bulgarian Rose Water :).

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