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Wagwear Review > Monkey Fleece Jacket for Dogs (Winter coat)

Published by Jasmine Seo

This Winter has been particularly cold compared to last year, perhaps because we live just outside of Seattle now. Regardless, our border collie Yuna gets cold very easily unlike her baby sister Yena who's smaller and less active. Even though the weather has been cold, that doesn't mean that our active Yuna could possibly skip her long walks as we know how much she loves them.

Wagwear dog jacket, coat & border collies
Wagwear dog jacket, coat & border collies

So I had to get a jacket that could cover her front legs too as she frequently lays down on the cold ground when we go outside, which has always concerned me as the concrete ground is way too cold for her :/. Although she has been enjoying her faux fur coat that I got for her from Neiman Marcus last year, I got a new Wagwear Monkey Fleece Jacket for her as it's far more lightweight and seems to be better suited for outdoor activities.

Wagwear dog jacket, coat & border collies

I got a size 22 for her as we often put a shirt or a jumper on her underneath the jacket. So the size is still big for her as she's quite thin even though she's pretty big for a female border collie. We would say that she's in between medium and large, weighing about 19.5kg (43lb) with her harness and leash on.

Wagwear dog jacket, coat & border collies

You may think that it's a bit on the expensive side, but trust me, I've checked other places and the price is more reasonable than the average cost on the market. You should expect at least USD 100 if you want a good coverage like the one we got, however, we only paid about 2/3 of the price, which is a very good deal for the medium-large size. Meaning, it will usually cost you less if your dog is smaller as the jacket will be smaller too. The same goes for the Wagwear Monkey Fleece Jacket. It comes in two different colours: Natural White and Red like the one that Yuna has.

Wagwear dog jacket, coat & border collies
Wagwear dog jacket, coat & border collies

Although it isn't waterproof, Yuna played outside in the snow for about two hours playing snowball fetch, running around and digging the snow without any problem. She had so much fun without feeling cold or being wet! :). The quality is excellent! Whether you have a small, medium or large family dog, I suggest you try Wagwear Monkey Fleece Jacket as it's very warm, practical, easy to put on and on top of that, everyone loves the jacket XD We have been getting complements on how fashionable and cool Yuna looks <3. If you want the complete the full look, I also recommend you to pair it with Petacc Waterproof Dog Shoes.


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