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Chanel Beauté Gifts / Limited Editions for Her

Published by Jasmine Seo

If you are lost what to get for her, I would suggest you just follow a brand name tag. Amongst all other brands, I highly recommend the famous Chanel since they must have encountered the Chanel brand at least once in their life through media. Some might argue that choosing a gift because of the name tag may sound a bit lame. However, from the receiver’s perspective, a gift reflects how much the giver values the person, meaning the receiver subconsciously associates the brand’s image with his or her image. This is one of the main reason why some people put a lot of effort even on ribbons when gift wrapping. Regardless, many women love Chanel, that luxe, elegance and confidence. Yes, that posh brand. Or whatever Coco Chanel wanted to see from women if she were still alive. As you can see, Chanel is a safe bet as long as your lady is not an earthy gaia person (no offence, but if you see her wearing make-up, Chanel will probably work).

Here are some of my hand picked Chanel gifts for special people in my life and also for myself XD. I excluded Chanel fragrance since it can be a bit too personal, and you should know the person very well in order to pick the right one.


Travel Makeup Palette, an all in one make up palette for day and night from work to party.

Skin care minimalists

Whether you are just too busy or you just keep your skin care routine simple, Chanel Resynchronising skin care knows what your skin needs at different times of the day and week. It contains:

Busy Career women and Work mums

Have no time to choose lipstick and lip gloss shades? On the go Chanel Harmonie Lèveres lip palette brings 3 lipsticks and 2 lip glosses into just one palette.

Chanel Bag Lovers

Les Intemporels de Chanel Collection, Chanel’s legendary 2.55 bag interpreted in an eyeshadow palette and a nail varnish.

Chanel Tweed Jacket Lovers

Les Tissages de Chanel, a beautiful blush duo inspired by Chanel’s iconic tweed fabric.

Mix and Match

If you know her beauty regime very well, then why not customise?
A blush and a lipstick?

If your special one loves nail varnishes, how about getting a base coat and a top coat?

Where to buy


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