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La Mer Review > Anti-aging Serums (The Concentrate/ The Regenerating/ Genaissance de La Mer/ The Lifting Contour/ The Revitalizing Hydrating)

Published by Jasmine Seo

I've noticed that many people seem to get lost in the maze that is finding the right La Mer serum. I wouldn't be surprised if one might contemplate for long to see which of their serums might be the right fit for him or her. Over the past a decade or so, it was personally very intriguing to find that the majority of their serums share similar ingredients including algae extracts and essential oils and have a heavy focus on skin regeneration due to the nature of the brand, at least from my perspective based on my observations. In other words, you won't miss out on the bottom line of their core skincare benefits by using any of their serums, despite having different textures and names.

la mer serums

For those who are on a budget or have young skin that doesn't have any particular concern, you could check out my previous post on their first treatment essence lotions (aka boosting essences) instead. They are also great ones to pair with any of those serums that I'll be dealing with on this post, so it may be worthwhile to check if you have ongoing skin dehydration issues.


Having said that, I intentionally exempted some of the rather optional/additional treatments such as their The Brilliance Brightening Essence and The Lifting Intensifier from this post per the main purpose of this post. Like my other comparison posts, these are my own opinions, so the tips that I share may not work in exactly in the same way as how the company has been advertising or the general information that you get from official La Mer counters. And please note that I hope the post will clear some of your confusions in regards to La Mer serum searching :).

  The Concentrate The Regenerating The Lifting Contour The Revitalizing Hydrating Genaissance de La Mer
Expected outcomes • Soothing
• Healing
• Regenerating
• Protected
• Strengthening
• Regenerating
• Soothing
• Healing
• Firming
• Contouring
• Regenerating
• Boosting
• Balancing
• Smoothing
• Regenerating
• Detoxifying
• Balancing
Scent Soothing herbal scent La Mer’s signature soothing essential oil scent La Mer’s signature soothing essential oil scent Overpowering mature scent with alcohol smell Spicy version of La Mer moisturisers
Texture Thick, dense, gel cream-like Lightweight gel emulsion-like Running lightweight Lightweight watery gel-like Non-heavy runny gel
Absorption Requires warmth & a bit of massage for the best penetration Fast Fast Fast Fast
Finish Transition from momentarily oil infused serum to satiny smooth Soft & smooth Mild firming & cooling sensation Near & refreshing Silky smooth
Oiliness/stickiness Depends on the amount applied No No No No
Hydration ★★★★★ ★★★☆☆ ★★☆☆☆ ★★☆☆☆ ★★★★☆
Compatibility with other products (layerability) Can be tricky Easy Easy Easy Easy
Recommended skin types Dry/dehydrated/sensitive Any Oily/normal/combination Any except for dry/dehydrated/sensitive Any except dry/sensitive
Recommended climate Cold/dry Any Any Any/humid Any
Price (excl. tax) USD $360+ USD $335+ USD 335+ USD $195+ USD $630+
  Review Review Review Review Review

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