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Published by Jasmine Seo

If you have checked my post on luxury skincare brands and other La Mer related posts before, you have probably noticed that I've been using La Mer for years already. Frankly speaking, the brand didn't have that much variety in their skincare range until a few years ago. They have been actively launching new products and also started to renew their existing products, including the packaging. Their focus on different types of intensive treatments definitely caught my attention over the past few years as I personally think that it's a positive change, as long as the quality leaves up to the brand's name. To me, it almost felt like the concept of those masks seem to be inspired by Sisley Mask collection although they have different names and ingredients.

Well, I guess that it's understandable as they are competing against each other for the profit. Nevertheless, I decided to make a comparison table for La Mer masks for those of you who don't have much time to read individual full reviews which I wrote previously. Just for reference, my skin is mostly spot-free, but my skin can get sensitised and dehydrated easily anytime throughout the year, mainly in Summer and Winter though. As usual, please keep in mind that those opinions are my own and the contents of the table can differ from what the company advertises on the market. Enjoy! :)

  The Lifting and Firming Mask The Brilliance Brightening Mask The Intensive Revitalizing Mask The Hydrating Facial
Type Leave-on (jar) Leave-on (serum/jar) Leave-on (tube) Sheet mask/leave-on (individually packaged)
Benefits • Rejuvenating
• Firming & Lifting
• Healing
• Hydrating
• Protecting
• Soothing
• Brightening
• Smoothing
• Energising
• Plumping
• Protecting
• Nurturing
• Hydrating
• Smoothing
Fragrance No No No No
Texture Dense gel cream Serum: dense liquid
Mask: dense gel cream
Lightweight emulsion Creamy essence
Finish • Pleasant firming sensation
• Hydrating
• Serum: Subtly hydrating
• Mask: Hydrating & glowy
Smooth non-oily • Very hydrating & nurturing
• Ultra glow
Usage • Day/night
• Used alone or under the moisturiser
• Day/night
• Step 1: Serum
• Step 2: Mask
• Day/night
• Used alone or under the moisturiser
• Day/night
• Used alone or under the moisturiser
Recommended skin type Normal to dry/mature skin Dry combination to dry skin All skin Very dry to dry/mature skin
Weather Year-round Year-round (except humid) Year-round Autumn/Winter (dry/cold)
Amount 1.7oz 1.7oz 2.5oz 6 applications
Price $250+ $250+ $170+ $250+
Overall result ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★★
  Review Review Review Review

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