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La Prairie & ASUS Shopping Haul / Nordstrom Summer Beauty Event / VIVO 53 (ft. Salvatore Ferragamo & Moschino)

Published by Jasmine Seo

The beautiful La Prairie counter manager Michelle told me during the last La Prairie facial event that there would be a big gift with purchase (La Prairie body / hair products + 2 eye creams + 2 face serums + 2 face creams) from the company on the 17th during Nordstrom Beauty Event.
She knows that my mum uses La Prairie, so she even sent me the details about the GWP over text so that I could tell my mum about it, which was very kind :).

My mum's visiting in a few days and she's going to stay with us for a month, so she's already very excited to see Michelle and Jaye as I've already complemented them so many times :3. My man and I thought, why not get some surprise welcoming gifts for mum as she needs her skin care products while she's staying with us.

So we reserved the GWP (with purchase over USD 1500) with Michelle a few weeks ago, and we just went to Nordstrom to make a transaction and pick up the goodies! :D

Chanel CC Cream, Moschino & Salvatore Ferragamo

At La Prairie counter in Nordstrom

Apparently, the GWP will be sent out from the Head office in New York to our place directly, so I just needed to fill out the form which of samples that I want double. I picked all Platinum Rare range as they are the ones that mum loves.

And here are some of the goodies that we got!

Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask, Skin Caviar Liquid Lift & Cellular Serum Platinum Rare

  • Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask
  • Skin Caviar Liquid Lift (full review)
  • Cellular Serum Platinum Rare

Michelle also gave me some Platinum Rare samples along with Cellular Radiance Eye Cream samples, which was very pleasant indeed. She totally read my mind! XD Haha joking :P.

La Prairie skincare, Cellular Platinum Rare & Cellular Radiance

And she also specially organised facials for all three of us including mum for this week with Jaye when she's here in the states. Superb service, right? <3 She also put Nordstrom goodies too!

Nordstrom Summer Beauty Event

Nordstrom Summer Beauty Event
Nordstrom Summer Beauty Event

Oh, and I also get to meet her boss, Naomi. I think she's a executive national manager or something, I forgot XD. Anyways, I'm always happy with Michelle's superb service that I actually told Naomi how great and helpful she has been! :D. I also assured her to tell everyone at the headquarters about Michelle too XD Haha. I thought Michelle deserves more spotlight from the company as such a picky person like me considers her as one of the best :D. It's always good to see her indeed.

Where to buy

At the Microsoft shop

After some big spending at La Prairie counter, my man and I then headed to Microsoft as we want to check out some laptops. My mum loves learning and studying, so we thought we should get her a new light-weight laptop that she could carry around easily as she has been getting a serious shoulder/back problem. She just finished her second master's, and she will be starting her third master's or doctorate degree soon which really depends on her time as she looks after my nephew and niece every day as well O_O.


Regardless, my man have found a cute super light-weight ASUS Transformer which is a laptop and tablet in one. It totally fits into most of the handbags too, so we thought it would be just perfect for university to carry around. My mum only uses laptop for lecture notes, assignments etc., which is pretty basic. So we got it for mum, too :3. That's right, mum! Very big surprises waiting for you! :P.

ASUS Transformer

Espadrilles from Salvatore Ferregamo & Gel Nail from Y's Nail

Salvatore Ferragamo
Y's Nail

Dinning at VIVO 53

We got pretty hungry after all that shopping, so we went to VIVO 53 (full review) for some Italian food :P. It was dinner time, so the place was packed with people dining :/. Luckily, there was no waiting though.

I got fresh orange juice as usual, and this time, we decided to try out something different!


Other than the meatballs in the pasta, everything else was great. To be honest, the meatballs tasted and felt quite dry and a bit old O_O.

Spicy Sausage & Garaganelli

VIVO 53 & pasta
VIVO 53 & pizza

We also ordered a cake for a desert, which was quite nice. We will definitely order it again as it tasted quite light, not too rich or heavy :).

VIVO 53, desert & cake

Berry Parfait

VIVO 53, desert & cake

What a busy weekend we had XD. Now it's time to organise home before mum arrives! Oh no XD

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